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Removing unwanted hair from areas such as legs, arms and underarms is possible using a variety of methods. You can opt for traditional solutions, such as shaving with a razor or using an epilator. Other options include the use of creams, waxes and patches. Laser treatments can also be considered. It is recommended that hair removal be performed at a professional beauty salon or spa. Qualified employees, using products from reputable companies, quickly and effectively get rid of unwanted hair, allowing clients to enjoy smooth and soft skin for a longer period of time.

Depilation and its different types

Hair removal in a professional beauty salon guarantees a long-lasting result. Various depilation products are used for this purpose, such as different types of waxes, hair removal pastes and hair removal gels. Natural waxes come in hard or soft form and allow you to mechanically remove unwanted hair along with the roots. One of the most popular methods is strip depilation using soft waxes. A cosmetic specialist applies the heated wax with a special spatula and then sticks interlining or cotton strips to it. This is an effective method for getting rid of hair from larger areas of the body, such as the back, abdomen or legs. However, it is advisable to avoid this method in more sensitive areas, as abruptly pulling the strips in the direction opposite to hair growth can be painful and lead to irritation.

Hard waxes, on the other hand, are designed for stripless epilation. When the heated wax is spread with a spatula, it adheres to the hair rather than the skin, allowing both the hair and the wax to be gently removed. This method is often chosen for hair removal from sensitive areas, such as the underarms, bikini area or mustache, due to the lower risk of irritation and gentler procedure. The choice of the appropriate type of wax is left to the discretion of a qualified beautician.

Sugar depilation - pros and cons

Hair removal pastes are used for effective hair removal, and are especially recommended for those with problems with varicose veins, blood vessels, allergies or sensitive skin. The sugar paste does not stick directly to the surface of the skin, but envelops the hair, making the procedure much less painful compared to traditional waxes. In addition, the pastes are applied cold, which reduces the risk of burning or irritating the skin. Removing the paste is relatively easy, just wash it off with warm water. This natural method further moisturizes and softens the skin, often due to the presence of glycerin in the composition of the pastes. Any irritation from sugar hair removal usually disappears the same day, and the use of additional products after the treatment can improve skin hydration and firmness. The optimal hair length for sugar hair removal is about half a centimeter, to make sure that all the hairs along with the roots are removed. Hairs shorter than this may not be removed, as the paste will not be able to catch them.

Unfortunately, sugar hair removal can be time-consuming and painful, especially when applied to larger areas of the body. Therefore, it is usually recommended primarily for epilating the bikini area, mustache or underarms. If the paste contains lemon juice in the formulation, it can also help lighten the skin. Sugar pastes are available in the form of convenient applicators in the form of rolls, which can be easily spread after heating them in a water bath to the right temperature, simply by sliding the roll over the area of the body to be depilated.

Depilation - accessories

In professional beauty salons, special accessories for depilation are necessary. In the case of wax epilation, wax warmers must not be missing. They are used to dissolve the wax before the procedure, which facilitates the even distribution of the wax on the skin. They are equipped with thermostats, which makes the work of beauticians much easier. The canned wax is placed in a special dish, which is located inside the case, protecting both staff and client from burns. In the offer of our store there are various models of wax warmers, differing in appearance, colors and application. Some of them are designed for heating roll wax, others for canned wax. It is also worth noting multifunctional heaters, which are very popular in beauty salons. They allow several cartridges to be heated at the same time, which increases the speed of customer service and provides convenience. Some models have comfortable handles, and some are equipped with built-in thermostats that inform about the temperature of the wax.

What to use after an epilation treatment

Epilation gels are an excellent way to soothe irritation and prevent various infections. They can be used both before and after the depilation procedure. Products used before the procedure help cleanse the skin, dry it and disinfect it, while acting as an analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial. They can be applied to the skin with cotton balls. To minimize irritation after depilation, it is recommended to use gels with soothing and calming properties, which help to improve the condition of the skin. These products are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and well-moisturized.

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