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Hairdressing chairs and washes - only from Beauty Direct

Hairdressing armchairs and washes are key pieces of equipment in any hair salon. They must not only be functional and durable, but also stylish, as an important part of the interior decoration. In this category, we have collected the best models of hairdressing chairs and armchairs available on the market, so that our customers can choose the ones that will fit perfectly into their salon.

Hairdressing chair - which one to choose

Our hairdressing chairs are selected, the best models available on the market, combining the elegance of the classics with a modern style. They are characterized by excellent finishing, which translates into their attractive appearance.

The hairdressing chairs we offer are distinguished by their stability and adjustable seat height. The mechanisms they contain are durable and reliable, minimizing the need for frequent repairs. Comfortable seats guarantee enjoyment, encouraging customers to visit again.

Our range also includes a hairdressing chair with adjustable backrest and a swivel hairdressing chair, making salon work easier. These items are invaluable, especially during prolonged work, when every detail affecting comfort matters. Our modern barber chairs offer comfort to both clients and hairdressers, with a comfortable, wide seat that provides comfort during haircuts.

When choosing a hair salon chair, it's important to pay attention to a few key considerations. The size of the chair is one of them, as not every model fits every salon. Larger models may be more impressive, but they should be matched to the preferences and dimensions of the salon.

Stability is another important feature of a good hairdressing chair. At BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer only proven and sturdy chairs that minimize the risk of accidents during work.

No less important is adjustability. Most of our hairdressing chairs offer height adjustment, and some models even have an adjustable headrest. Additional elements, such as a leg rest or armrests, significantly increase customer comfort. This is the kind of furniture you will find in our offer. By choosing them, you not only increase customer satisfaction, but also provide yourself and your employees with better working conditions.

A stylish chair for a hair salon is also a design element

Keep in mind that our chairs can serve not only as hairdressing chairs, but also as barber/cosmetic chairs. Thanks to their vertical adjustment, they fit perfectly into beauty stations, which makes them useful not only in hairdressing or barber shops, but also in beauty salons. Many of our customers are owners of such places, where employees are engaged in, for example, eyebrow styling. An elegant and comfortable chair can make a great impression on customers and remain in their memory for a long time.

Cheap hairdressing chairs often lose their properties quickly, the height adjustment mechanisms break down, and the upholstery can wear out or crack. That's why at BEAUTY DIRECT we emphasize quality.

Our barber chairs come from reputable manufacturers in the industry, such as Gabbiano and Hair System. We understand that buying such a chair is an important investment, so we provide products that will last a long time without the need for repairs or replacement.

To find a barber chair that fits your budget, use our sorting tool. For example, a reclining head wash chair can be an attractive yet affordable option. Discover the perfect barber chair in our selection. The price of the models can be surprisingly attractive, plus we offer favorable payment options. If you are just decorating or upgrading a professional salon, consider our installment payment option.

Hairdressing washer is the comfort of your work

An indispensable equipment of any hair salon is a hairdressing washer. Keeping in mind the diverse needs of our customers, we have included a wide selection of hairdressing washers.

Our assortment includes both hairdressing washes integrated with the chair and portable wash stations. The choice of the right product depends on the available space in the salon and the individual needs of the user.

Our washes are characterized by functionality and elegant design. They are made of high-quality materials that prevent rusting. All models are aesthetically designed and effectively fulfill their tasks. Each hairdressing washer from our offer is a product worth your attention.

When choosing the ideal washer for a hair salon, it is important to consider several aspects. The key one is the shape of the bowl, which is important for the comfort of customers - after all, our goal is that they want to use our services regularly. Therefore, we recommend products with bowls of ergonomic, streamlined shape.

Also important is the quality of workmanship of the washers, so that they are resistant to mechanical damage and are not damaged by frequent contact with water. Hairdressing washes offered by BEAUTY DIRECT come from experienced manufacturers, which ensures their long-term durability.

A comfortable hairdressing car wash is one that provides comfort for both the client and the employee. That's why it's worth choosing models with additional features, such as spacious shelves for accessories that make work easier. Such models are available in our offer.

Hairdressing washer - portable or stationary

Hairdressing washers in our offer are available both as integrated with the chair and as portable devices. Models integrated with chairs look impressive and are often chosen by our customers. They are equipped with stylish, comfortable footrests, providing customers with comfort during treatments.

However, if you have limited salon space or no permanent water connection, portable washers may be a more suitable solution. Whether you need an integrated or portable washer, our range includes a variety of models to meet your needs.

What characterizes our barber washers

Our range of hairdressing washes is a combination of functionality and sophisticated style. An example of this are the products from the Italian manufacturer Gabbiano, which include both classic models and those with a stunning design. The seats of these washers are made of high-quality organic leather and complemented by stylish metal elements. The predominant colors are elegant black and deep brown, but we also offer models with more striking motifs, such as floral patterns and intense colors. If you are looking for a hairdressing washer that will not only be practical, but will also become a decoration of your salon, our offer will certainly meet your expectations.

The hairdressing washes and chairs in our offer combine an attractive price with an elegant style. In addition to them, footstools and barber stools are also available in this category. Waiting room sofas can also be an attractive addition, providing customers with exceptional comfort from the first moments. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the products that best match the decor of your professional hair salon.

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