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Cosmetic lamps

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of cosmetic lamps in the BEAUTY DIRECT store. In this category, you will find various models of lamps, which are indispensable in every beauty salon. We offer nail lamps for manicure professionals, magnifying lamps for precise cosmetic treatments, ring lamps for makeup and eyelash styling, as well as desk lamps and workshop lamps for illuminating the workspace. Our cosmetic lamps are of the highest quality, ensuring work efficiency, safety and ease of use.

Cosmetic Lamps - Essential Equipment for Your Salon

Welcome to our special category Salon Lamps at BEAUTY DIRECT store. This section is dedicated to professionals in the beauty industry and home care enthusiasts, offering a wide selection of lamps that meet the diverse needs of beauty salons, manicure studios, and home users.

  1. Nail Lamps: Essential for any professional performing hybrid or gel manicure. Our nail lamps offer effective and quick curing of polishes and gels, guaranteeing durability and a perfect manicure look.
  2. Magnifying Lamps: Ideal for precise cosmetic treatments, including skin and nail care. These lamps are equipped with magnifying lenses, allowing for detailed work and preventing eye strain.
  3. Ring Lamps: Indispensable when applying makeup, lash styling, or other aesthetic treatments on the face. Ring lamps provide even lighting, eliminating shadows and helping in creating professional portfolio photos.
  4. Desk Lamps: Universal, practical, and extremely functional. They illuminate the workspace, providing comfort and precision of the performed treatments. They are perfect for both salons and home use, where good lighting is required.
  5. Workshop Lamps: Their name comes from the fact that they perfectly illuminate the workshop (modeling, electronic service, jewelry workshop, watchmaker's shop or any other precision work place, not excluding work at home...). Workshop lamps often have adjustable light intensity, so they will also work well in beauty salons, veterinary clinics or medical facilities.
  6. Sollux Lamps: Devices that we know primarily from physiotherapy and rehabilitation offices and sanatorium facilities. These are devices used to precisely heat a specific part of the body with infrared rays with a characteristic red bulb.

At BEAUTY DIRECT, we make sure that our cosmetic lamps are of the highest quality, ensuring not only work efficiency, but also safety and ease of use. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the lamps that will best meet your needs in the beauty salon or in the comfort of your own home.

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