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Pedicure sanding caps, abrasive caps and discs

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Abrasive caps for pedicure are essential tools in foot care, used for removing calloused skin and shaping the nail plate. Available in various grits, sizes, and colors, they ensure hygiene and comfort during the procedure. Pedicure sanding caps made from high-quality materials minimize the risk of irritation. Pododisk, a new addition to abrasive caps, stands out with its large working surface, durability, and efficiency, making it an economical choice for professionals.

Sanding Caps for Pedicure - Work Hygiene

Sanding caps for pedicure are essential tools in every beauty salon specializing in foot care. They are used for gentle yet effective removal of calloused skin, which is crucial for maintaining healthy and aesthetically pleasing feet. Thanks to various grit gradations, these caps allow for adjusting the intensity of the treatment to the individual needs of the client. They also enable precise shaping and smoothing of the nail plate, which is particularly important in aesthetic pedicure.

Abrasive Caps for pedicure - Variety of Choices

In our offer, you will find abrasive caps for pedicure made from the highest quality materials, ensuring safety and hygiene during the procedure. Each cap is designed to minimize the risk of irritation and provide maximum comfort for both the client and the specialist performing the treatment. They are available in different sizes, types, and colors, allowing for their effective use in various pedicure procedures. Our products are easy to use and clean, which significantly facilitates maintaining a high hygiene standard in the salon.

Pedicure caps from our offer are ideal for professionals seeking reliable tools that help achieve excellent results in foot care. We provide a wide range of products that meet strict industry standards, making them a trustworthy choice for beauty salons and podiatry clinics. They are also perfect for amateurs performing home pedicure treatments.

Pododisk - A New Addition to Sanding Caps for Pedicure

Pododisk is a special type of sanding cap designed for professional use in pedicure treatments. It is an extremely effective tool that helps in the precise removal of calloused skin and smoothing the skin of the feet. Due to its special design and the materials it is made from, Pododisk is particularly valued by pedicure specialists for its efficiency and durability. Pododisk has the form of a characteristic self-adhesive "disk." It features a large flat working surface (larger than that of sanding caps) and is easy to replace and highly effective. Due to the materials used, Pododisk is durable and resistant to wear, making it economical for long-term use.