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Foot files are essential for maintaining smooth and healthy feet. Our wholesale store offers podiatric foot files that effectively remove dead skin. Available models include metal, wooden, and plastic, perfect for both home and professional use. We also offer files with replaceable inserts and mini foot files. All products are durable and hygienic.

Rough Heels? Foot Files

To keep your heels in good condition and smooth, it is necessary to use a variety of podiatry accessories for their care. Foot files are one such tool that helps remove dead skin. These files are lightweight, easy to use, and sharp, made from materials safe for the skin, effectively eliminating calluses. Professional podiatry files can be used both wet and dry. Our offer includes foot files and replaceable inserts for selected file models. Choosing the right grit for your foot file will facilitate effective removal of calluses from your heels. In our beauty wholesaler, you will find podiatry foot files and other accessories for rough heels with free shipping from £50. Forget about pumice stones!

Metal and Wooden Foot Files | Beauty Direct

In our online wholesaler, you will find a wide selection of nail and foot care tools, including metal files with different levels of coarseness and handles designed to fit every hand. You can easily choose a file that will be comfortable to use and help you keep your feet in perfect condition.

We also have foot files with wooden handles. These files are exceptionally durable and stable. They are ideal for home use as well as for use in podiatry salons. Metal and wood are materials that guarantee long-term use.

Our offer also includes files made of strong plastic, great for everyday foot care at home. For those who like colorful accessories, we have prepared pedicure files in various colors and prices. These files are double-sided and allow effective removal of skin from rough heels with varying intensity.

For professionals in the pedicure industry, we offer special podiatry files for use on wet and dry feet. These files meet the highest standards among accessories for dry, cracked heels. Available, as usual, at an affordable price.

Foot File with Replaceable Inserts - A Solution for Rough Heels

In our assortment, you will find both files with metal blades and those with replaceable abrasive inserts of different coarseness levels. The metal blades are made of stainless steel, ensuring their durability and maintaining a high level of hygiene. We offer abrasive inserts in sets of 10 or 50 pieces, with grit levels of 60, 80, 100, 120, 180. Files and inserts for files, as well as all foot cosmetics (salt, scrubs, pumice stones) are available in our wholesaler BEAUTY DIRECT at favorable prices. With us, you will take care of your nails and learn ways to achieve the perfect pedicure!

A particularly recommended model is the professional Cuccio Naturale foot file. The Cuccio foot file comes with 30 replaceable inserts. On one side, there is coarse paper working better than pumice, and on the other side, there is fine-grit paper for smoothing feet and heels.

You can purchase additional podiatry replaceable inserts in our store after use - selecting the appropriate grit and completing the set.

Our podiatry foot files are universal – they can be used for pedicure both dry and wet. These are foot products for both professionals and home use.

We also offer models of foot files with additional accessories, such as a file with a hidden omega in the handle. This is an ideal set for removing callused skin from heels and feet.

Mini Foot Files for Rough Heels

In our offer, you will find both long, professional files with a comfortable handle, and smaller, portable files for cracked heels. Although they look delicate, they are exceptionally durable and allow for easy maintenance of cleanliness. Their sharp, abrasive surfaces effectively remove dead skin from the heels. We recommend these tools for both home use and professional salons. These files work best on dry skin, and their cleaning is quick and easy. Mini versions of files are also available with a metal blade and a colorful casing, fitting perfectly in hand.

In our online store, we also offer other foot care and pedicure accessories. These include professional heel files and products for smoothing, sanding, and cleaning heels. We provide a wide selection of products, favorable prices, and convenient shopping conditions. The retail prices of each product are clearly marked on the product page.

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