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Take a look at our range of loungers and massage tables at BEAUTY-DIRECT.PL. We offer a wide range of products in different colors, types and sizes that are ideal for small beauty salons, large beauty salons and spa and wellness centers. Our offer is also aimed at owners of stores offering massage tables. Our comfortable recliners and rehabilitation tables, designed for physiotherapists, as well as portable massage tables, are made of the highest quality materials and come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Heated massage couch with backlighting and fully adjustable massage tables

Our massage tables and recliners are characterized by functionality, practicality and high comfort, making them an attractive choice. Manufactured with attention to detail, our wholesale products are equipped with innovative features such as setting memory, which allows the couch to automatically adjust to the user's needs. Additional convenience is provided by the ability to easily reprogram positions, as well as heated mattresses, which is especially useful during a variety of treatments and massages. Comfort is ensured by the electric adjustment of the couch's settings by remote control, which is convenient for those who operate them. In addition, our cosmetic recliners have a modern design with the option of LED backlighting, which allows you to change colors and create the right atmosphere. Adjusting the height and angle of the backrest with the remote control makes it easy to adapt the couch to individual needs, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Face opening in massage tables

The professional manual therapy tables in our range make it possible to carry out a wide range of physiotherapy treatments. The recliners we offer are equipped with many adjustable features, such as footrests, backrest and cradle functions, which increase the comfort and effectiveness of therapy. In addition, comfortable headrests with cushions and a face hole allow optimal positioning of patients, which translates into their comfort during massage. The sturdy construction of these tables and recliners ensures their stability and durability even with heavier loads, which is important for people of different weights.

Our store also offers special chairs and kneelers that are useful for performing head, neck and shoulder massages, and are used in a variety of environments, such as beauty salons and tattoo studios. These chairs with a face hole guarantee maximum comfort for clients during treatments, allowing them to relax and enjoy top-notch services.

Modern massage table or classic

The Azzurro Wood cosmetic couch represents a classic style that fits into elegant interiors, offering both aesthetics and functionality. Its solid wooden base in the shape of a box ensures stability. The bed's features, including an adjustable backrest and footrest, as well as a remote control, combine a traditional look with modern features. Heated mattress models are also available in the same series from the Azzurro brand.

The KOMFORT brand offers folding massage tables with a wooden structure, light base and thick sponge, upholstered in light or dark eco leather, which guarantees aesthetics and comfort for mobile therapists.

Our offer also includes modern rehabilitation tables with aluminum construction, equipped with stylish openwork steel shelves and under-leg protection to protect floors from scratches. The recliners and rehabilitation tables are available in classic white and black, as well as in fashionable shades such as venge, latte and cream, allowing them to match a variety of interiors and customers' aesthetic preferences.

Massage table - how much does it cost and what BEAUTY DIRECT recommends

A folding massage table with adjustable height, a headrest with a face hole and side armrests can be purchased for as little as a few hundred zlotys. The price also includes a special bag for carrying the table. You can choose between two- and three-segment folding tables. Wooden massage tables with adjustable headrest and face hole are available with mattresses in different colors. Their affordable cost makes them very popular equipment in mobile massage parlors. Massage tables offered by the BEAUTY DIRECT online store are also equipped with a special holder for disposable sheets, which allow to maintain proper hygiene during treatments. On the other hand, for those looking for high-end equipment for spa or aesthetic medicine salons, we recommend electrically adjustable couch for cosmetic treatments. This is also a comfortable massage table. The price of this type of equipment oscillates around several thousand zlotys, depending on the function and the type of material of the furniture. Modern manual therapy tables provide a high level of comfort for customers and convenience for the staff of beauty parlors or beauty salons. A portable, folding massage table with adjustable height, equipped with a headrest with a face hole and side armrests, is available at an affordable price for just a few hundred zlotys. Each table also comes with a carrying bag for easy handling and storage. Two- and three-segment models are available, allowing you to choose a table that fits your specific needs. The wooden massage tables with adjustable headrest and face hole are offered with mattresses in a variety of colors, making them an attractive choice for mobile massage services.

BEAUTY DIRECT offers massage tables with a holder for disposable sheets, raising hygiene standards during treatments. For more discerning customers, the store has an assortment of electrically adjustable beauty treatment couches, which are ideal for spas and aesthetic medicine salons. Their prices range from several thousand zlotys and depend on the features offered and the quality of the materials. Modern manual therapy tables are synonymous with luxury and functionality, providing comfort to clients and facilitating the work of staff.

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