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In podiatry offices, it is necessary to use various types of equipment that allow examinations to be carried out in a safe and comfortable manner for the patient. Among them appear podiatry chairs. They allow to obtain such a position that the doctor has free access to the feet. After all, it should be remembered that the specialist works long hours in one position, so the chair must provide comfort not only for the patient, but also for the doctor.

Podiatry chairs should be as functional as possible. It is also worthwhile that they allow hygiene in the office. Our offer includes products of this type in many versions. They enable comfortable and safe performance of procedures. They work well not only for podiatric surgeries, but also for beauty salons. This is because they allow the patient to be positioned. Such a position works perfectly, among other things, during facial procedures.

A wide variety of pedicure chairs

The pedicure chair must be adapted, first of all, to what kind of treatment is performed in the office. Therefore, our assortment includes furniture of this type in many versions. Among them you can distinguish classic designs, as well as those with interesting amenities. For example, a pedicure chair with a massager is very popular. This is a product valued primarily in spas, where it promotes additional relaxation. The patient can choose a comfortable position and enjoy a gentle massage during the foot treatment.

Heel and whole-foot treatment chairs also differ in design and purpose. Among them appear products that allow the patient to lie flat and those that resemble swivel stools. In addition, we offer models with space not only for legs, but also for hands. It is up to you which variant you choose for your beauty salon or podiatry practice.

In our assortment you will also find ready-made pedicure stations. They consist of a chair and a special table with a washer. This makes it possible to maintain complete hygiene and perform the entire procedure in one place.

Podiatry chairs in style

Nowadays, podiatrists, cosmeticians or wellness centers rely not only on functionality, but also on the appropriate appearance of the equipment of the space. This is why our podiatry chairs are available in many color versions. They allow them to match other elements in the practice. Among them appear gray, black, beige or white podiatry chairs.

Available podiatry chairs are very stylish furniture, fitting in with the equipment of even the most elegant podiatry or cosmetology salons. Most of them are universal models, in shades suitable for offices of different styles. After all, it should be remembered that the appearance of the salon directly affects the customer's experience, especially when it comes to relaxation and beauty treatments.

Functional nail chairs

The podiatry chair must not only be stylish, but above all functional. It is on it that many procedures are performed. For this reason, the products available in our assortment have been equipped with a number of features that allow comfortable use. Among them can be distinguished, among others, up and down remote control. The electric podiatry chair allows you to relieve the specialist of the need to raise and lower the often heavy chair independently. Thanks to electronic systems, it is possible to achieve a similar effect completely remotely and safely for the patient.

The available podiatry chairs have been made in such a way that it is possible to maintain hygiene in accordance with health and safety regulations. We are talking about, among other things, covering them with eco leather. This material is resistant to moisture. Thanks to this, it allows regular washing and disinfection. In this way, you can get rid of any microorganisms that could contribute to the transmission of diseases between patients. The eco leather used is of high quality, so it can be cleaned repeatedly.

The cosmetic surgery chair allows you to lift individual elements. The most important of these are the footrests, used to raise the lower limbs. They can be straightened, and if the patient is sitting - lowered. In the lying position, on the other hand, they allow the legs to be relieved.

Durable podiatry chairs

A cosmetic pedicure chair must be durable. After all, it is necessary to remember that its position is changed even dozens of times during the day. For this reason, the moving parts should be resistant to exploitation and loads. Upholstery, on the other hand, must be cleaned regularly, so it is best that it is made of moisture-resistant materials. There is a warranty on the products available in our online store. It allows you to be sure that the purchased piece will perform its function for at least several years, without the slightest problems.

Where will our pedicure chairs work well?

Podiatry chairs are universal products, allowing them to be used according to one's needs. They appear primarily in spas, podiatrists' offices and beauty salons. They allow you to perform beauty treatments, such as exfoliating the epidermis or applying special masks. In addition, they are perfect for painting toenails.

Podiatry chairs are also used during podiatric procedures. On such a piece of furniture, the doctor can take a close look at the feet and diagnose a possible problem. He also often trims the nails to prevent ingrown toenails. The ability to elevate the legs on the chair allows both the patient and the specialist to achieve a comfortable position.


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