Disposable cosmetic and medical gloves

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At our wholesaler BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer high-quality disposable gloves, which are essential for maintaining proper hygiene and protecting hands from harmful substances and microorganisms. Our gloves are available in a variety of sizes, made of high weight materials, which ensures their strength and resistance to breakage. We especially recommend durable and flexible nitrile gloves, which are ideal not only for contact with patients or clients, but also for cleaning a variety of surfaces.

We rely on cooperation with trusted manufacturers who care about the quality of raw materials and offer products that meet international ISO standards. In our offer you will find not only disposable items, but also a wide range of accessories, supplies and equipment, necessary in the daily work of beauty salons, massage parlors, tattoo studios and spa hotels.

Our products have the necessary certificates and markings, which guarantees their high quality and safety of use. Thanks to our large warehouse space, we are able to offer quick availability of goods, which is extremely important for our customers. We invite you to take a look at our offer at BEAUTY DIRECT, where you will find everything you need to ensure professional service and comfort.

Nitrile gloves at Beauty Direct

At BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer durable and flexible disposable gloves made of high-weight nitrile. Their resistance to breakage and punctures provides effective protection against both sensitive chemicals and blood-borne pathogens.

Diagnostic nitrile gloves available in our offer are used in many industries. They are ideal for emergency medical services, laboratory diagnostics, cosmetic and dental services, and have been approved for use in the food industry and in contact with food.

MERCATOR MEDICAL products are distinguished by their tightness and ability to retain even high-density substances such as lubricants, oils and fats. Thus, they are an excellent choice for both sanitary cleaning and household use. In addition, these gloves are recommended for people who are allergic to latex. Thanks to the smooth texture at the fingertips, they provide comfortable use and are great for performing a variety of activities.

We encourage you to explore our full range of disposable gloves at BEAUTY DIRECT, where you will find top-quality products that meet a variety of industry requirements.

Disposable gloves - safety and high comfort

At BEAUTY DIRECT, we have prepared high-quality nitrile gloves of the MERCATOR MEDICAL brand for our customers. These soft and flexible gloves are resistant to stretching and easily adapt to the shape of the hand, providing a natural feel and comfort. They are more resistant to harmful substances than traditional foil gloves, and a special edge at the ends of the gloves makes them easy to remove and prevents curling while wearing. The gloves meet directives and CE declarations of conformity and comply with strict ISO standards.

Our diagnostic gloves are available in sizes XS to XL, in a variety of colors such as, purple, pink, blue, black. Each package usually contains 100 disposable gloves. In addition, we offer special wall mounts made of stainless steel INOX, which are durable and easy to install. These holders, available in single, double or triple variants, allow you to efficiently organize your workstation and keep things tidy.

MERCATOR MEDICAL nitrile gloves are ideal for use in a variety of environments, such as medical, cosmetic and veterinary offices, tattoo studios and hair and nail salons. Take a look at our offer at BEAUTY DIRECT, where you'll find top-quality products for safe and hygienic use.

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