Sterylization pouches

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Sterilization is a key process used in medical and cosmetic offices and other places where hygiene is a priority. During this process it is possible to effectively eliminate all microorganisms, including their spore forms. In order to effectively destroy microorganisms on the surface of tools, it is necessary to place them in a special sterilization device, such as an autoclave. The instruments must be placed in the autoclave in special sterilization bags for safe and effective sterilization.

Sterilization bags - what are they used for?

Our sterilization bags are effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, while providing protection from direct contact when items are removed from the device. For this reason, the instruments are packaged in bags before being placed in the autoclave, allowing them to be safely stored for a specified period of time after sterilization.

They are characterized by high quality workmanship and functionality, facilitating the packing of instruments into packages thanks to the use of a special adhesive tape, which eliminates the need to use a sealer to seal the package tightly.

In addition, the autoclave bags are equipped with a special indicator that confirms the correct course of the process of removing microorganisms. Our sleeves also allow sterilization using steam.

Pouches for sterilization of cosmetic instruments are transparent, which allows you to easily check their contents without opening them, ensuring that sterility is maintained for a longer period of time. In our offer you will find mainly light blue sterilization pouches, which also allow you to visually check the contents.

Sterilization sleeves - exceptional quality of workmanship

Sterilization is a mandatory process, resulting from the requirements of the Sanitary Inspectorate and health and safety regulations. Therefore, only bags that meet certain standards can be used to carry it out. Our offer includes bags for sterilization of instruments, which comply with the parameters accepted by the European Union. Sleeves for autoclaving are manufactured from the highest quality materials, which guarantees full tightness and effectiveness in removing microorganisms. Precise sterilization is crucial to the safety of medical procedures. Instruments and instruments used repeatedly, which come into contact with blood or other body fluids, must be thoroughly cleaned.

Our sterilization bags are sealed on all but one edge, using high-quality material and technology that enables the edges to be firmly connected. The autoclave bags are resistant to mechanical damage, which eliminates the risk of breaking them when packing or removing sterilized instruments. It is important that these bags often contain sharp instruments, such as pliers or scissors, which are reusable items that come into contact with bodily fluids. Our self-adhesive bags are designed to ensure safety and maintain a seal even with sharp equipment. This makes the sterilization process both safe and effective.

Sterilization sleeves - where they will do the job

Packs for sterilization using hot air and steam are indispensable in offices where instruments, especially metal ones, used repeatedly, are used. Thanks to sterilization, it is possible to safely reuse these tools with many clients and patients, eliminating all microorganisms.

Sterilization packs are used wherever autoclaves are used, the presence of which in most offices is a legal requirement. Sterilization bags are used in, among others:

  • beauty salons
  • clinics,
  • veterinary surgeries,
  • biological regeneration offices,
  • dental offices.

However, sterilization bags can also be used in other non-regulated places. Sterilization is key to maintaining safety and cleanliness, especially in the face of the risk of infection by various viruses. Sterilization in an autoclave is much more effective than disinfection, which is also carried out in the listed places.

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