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Wax warmers are indispensable devices in any beauty salon. Their main task is to warm up the wax before depilation treatments. Wax depilation is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It is characterized by high efficiency and speed. Wax warmers allow you to effortlessly heat the wax to the right temperature. If you run a beauty salon or wellness salon, you are cordially invited to take a look at our full range of products. In our BEAUTY DIRECT online store, you will find top-quality equipment that will make the work of beauticians easier, and customers are sure to appreciate the professionalism and comfort.

Types of wax warmers

There are several different types of wax warmers available on the market, which are characterized by practicality, ease of use and safety. These multifunctional and professional devices allow heating several wax cartridges at the same time and are key equipment for beauty salons. Some of these devices, of a simpler nature, can also be used at home.

Wax warmers can be divided according to the type of wax used. For example, we offer canned wax warmers, where the wax for depilation is dissolved in a special container. This container is located in the center of the housing, which protects the user from possible burns and ensures hygiene in the workplace. Another type of heaters are those for roll wax, which are the smallest models available on the market. They are convenient to use and simple to operate. All you need to do is install the appropriate wax cartridges and heat them to the desired temperature, which takes about 25 minutes.

Multifunctional wax warmers are often chosen for professional beauty salons. They allow multiple cartridges to be heated at the same time, which increases the comfort and efficiency of customer service. Some of these models have comfortable handles, while others are equipped with built-in thermostats, making it easier to keep the wax at the right temperature. Our range includes various shapes and colors of warmers, which can be adapted to the decor of the salon to create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere.

Operation of wax warmers

Wax warmers work very simply. All you have to do is place the cartridge in the warmer and set the desired temperature. The device displays the temperature on the screen, and when the desired value is reached, it turns itself off. This provides both employees and customers with convenience and safety, eliminating the risk of burns or health hazards. The choice of the type of wax depends on the beautician, who takes into account the type and condition of the hair. Soft wax is used for strip epilation, while hard wax is used for stripless epilation. Waxes in a roll are convenient and easy to use. Hard wax is ideal for more sensitive areas, such as the bikini zone

Wax warmer - epilation

Warmers designed to heat wax for epilation are not only safe, but also easy to use. They quickly heat the cartridges, which allows immediate application of wax. The shape and size of the warmer depends on the type of cartridges used. Roll wax warmers are compact and require less space in the office, while can wax warmers are usually larger to accommodate larger refills. The ease with which they can be maintained affects your comfort, so it's a good idea to find out how to properly maintain the devices before making a purchase. The power of the device is also an important consideration - the higher it is, the faster the wax dissolves, allowing you to speed up your treatments.

All the models we offer are of high quality and ensure long-term satisfaction with use. Multifunctional wax cartridge heaters allow you to heat several cartridges at the same time, which increases efficiency and reduces the duration of treatments. These products come with a manufacturer's warranty, allowing you to take advantage of post-warranty service. Information on filing a claim is available on our website. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us by phone or email, and our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

Choosing the right wax for depilation

Choosing the right type of hair removal wax depends on the type of hair to be removed. Various options are available, such as soft wax, hard wax and roll wax.

Soft wax is used in strip depilation. Hair is removed by applying cotton or interlining strips to the wax on the skin, and then the strip is torn off in a quick motion. Soft wax works well for removing weaker and more delicate hairs, and is often used to depilate less sensitive areas, such as the legs.

Hard wax is applied to the skin and left to solidify. Once solidified, a "patch" is formed that can be peeled off. This type of wax is used in depilation of more sensitive areas, such as the bikini, because it is less painful.

Wax in a roll is very convenient to use. When properly heated, it becomes easy to apply.

Wax warmer - how it works

Wax warmers and depilatory pastes work very simply. Just place the wax cartridge in the device and set the desired temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat will automatically turn off the heater, which ensures comfort and safety during the epilation procedure. This eliminates the risk of burns that often occur when trying to heat wax at home, for example, in a microwave oven.

Multifunctional heaters are an excellent choice for beauty salons. They allow several types of wax cartridges (both roll and canned) to be heated simultaneously, making the epilation process much faster and easier. For professionals, this is an ideal solution to handle multiple clients at once.

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