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Top-notch hair salons not only offer services such as cutting, coloring and shaping hair, but also focus on the health and condition of customers' hair. Although customers often take care of their hair themselves, using products available at drugstores, these home treatments are not always enough. In many cases, the best solution is to combine home care with professional hair treatments, using specialized equipment and cosmetics.

Saunas and infrazones at BEAUTY DIRECT | Only the highest quality

Gabbiano brand hair saunas are an excellent choice for those who want to enrich the offer of their hair salon with intensive nourishing treatments. Their purchase can significantly increase the level of services provided. It is also worth paying attention to hairdressing infrazones, which are key to obtaining better results in hair coloring, bleaching or straightening.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our comprehensive offer of hair salon equipment. In particular, we recommend Gabbiano professional hairdressing clippers, which can significantly improve the quality of the treatments performed, and thus contribute to customer satisfaction and their desire to return to the salon.

Comprehensive hair care with professional hairdressing infrazones

Every hair type requires regular and proper care, which is affected by various factors, such as weather conditions, styling treatments, diet or medications taken. A hairdresser who regularly observes his client's hair is able to assess its condition, notice any changes in the hair structure and recommend the appropriate treatment and tailored hair care cosmetics.

A professional hairdressing climazon, also known as an infrazone, is a tool that allows you to effectively carry out treatments to rebuild the structure of damaged hair. Climasones, both hanging and standing, are multifunctional devices that facilitate the performance of a variety of treatments, including those that improve scalp microcirculation and strengthen hair follicles. In turn, the use of a hair sauna after the application of hair care products ensures that the nutrients from these products penetrate the hair deeply, providing nourishment and strengthening it from within.

Principles of the hair sauna

The device known as a hair sauna, or hairdresser's humidifier, consists of a dome connected to a container for distilled water. The Gabbiano hair sauna we offer uses temperature to create steam, which moisturizes the hair and aids the absorption of hair care products. During the treatment, the elevated temperature gently opens the scales of the hair, allowing deeper penetration of moisturizers and nutrients. The scales are then closed in a process of rinsing with warm and cold water. This process is controlled by an electronic temperature and steam controller, allowing the device's operation to be adjusted to the condition of the hair.

Barber saunas are available in two variants: as a mobile model on a tripod and as a hanging version on a boom. The choice of the right model depends on the size and organization of the space in the hair salon. Hairdressing sauna with ozone additionally has the ability to purify hair and neutralize the odors of the coloring agents used.

Hairdressing infrazone - what is this device

A hairdresser's infrazone, also known as a hairdresser's climazon, is a multi-purpose device, the main component of which resembles a helmet with chambers that blow out air. However, the functions of the barber climazon go beyond just drying hair. This device is indispensable in performing various hairdressing procedures, such as coloring, decolorizing, perming or permanent straightening of hair.

Thanks to the infrared radiation emitted, the climazone is also effective in improving the condition of the hair and scalp. This device effectively regulates sebaceous glands, reduces greasy hair, inhibits hair loss and stimulates hair growth. In addition, climazone can be used in the fight against dandruff. It is a versatile tool that significantly improves the efficiency and quality of the treatments offered in the hair salon.

Hairdressing infrazone - modes of operation

Adjustment of settings in hairdressing infrazones can be done manually or automatically. The hairdresser adjusts the appropriate temperature, duration and air mode for each specific treatment. In the case of infrazones with automatic adjustment, the hairdresser selects the appropriate program on the LED panel, which is tailored to different treatments, such as coloring or perming. In addition to predefined programs, these devices also offer the ability to customize settings, as well as turn individual lamps on and off, depending on the needs of the treatment.

An additional feature of some infrazone models is the music playback function. This allows clients to relax while listening to music during the treatment, greatly improving the comfort of their visit to the salon.

Infrazon and hair saunas at BEAUTY DIRECT

A hairdresser's infrazone is a versatile, multifunctional device that greatly enhances hairdressing treatments and increases the comfort of the stylist. Thanks to the use of infrared radiation, the infrazone allows the active ingredients of cosmetics to penetrate the hair structure faster and deeper. This device is particularly helpful in treatments such as perming, coloring or bleaching hair.

The infrazone is also excellent for improving the condition of hair for people with problems such as baldness, dandruff, brittleness or excessive greasiness. The ability to focus the device's action on the entire scalp or only on a selected part further enhances its functionality.

Gabbiano's ozone hair sauna, available at BEAUTY DIRECT, is ideal for use with moisturizing or restorative cosmetics. This device increases the effectiveness of these preparations, improving their absorption into the hair and effectiveness.

Hairdressing infrazones - types

Depending on your preferences and the nature of your salon, there are different types of hairdressing infrazones: standing, hanging or mounted on a stand next to the chair. Free-standing models are ideal for spacious interiors, while hanging infrazones are perfect for smaller salons. If you have limited space, for example, we recommend a wall-mounted model like the Gabbiano FD-101W silver infrazone. This model offers infinitely variable temperature control, electronic controls, five working programs and hot and cold air options.

When choosing an infrazone, it is worth paying attention to several key features. A good device should have a timer, a multi-stage air supply and temperature control. Additional comfort is provided by electronic controls. By choosing the right infrazone model, you can significantly improve the efficiency and comfort of your salon.

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