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In professional beauty salons there is harmony and attention to aesthetics. That's why you often don't see the equipment or tools used in cosmetic procedures at first glance. However, during a treatment, bottles, instruments and a variety of equipment suddenly appear out of nowhere. Where do these items come from? Well, many of these items are carefully hidden in special cabinets and drawers that are designed specifically for storing cosmetic tools. In addition, professional beauty salons use special cosmetic helpers that help organize tools and accessories so that they are always at hand and in perfect order. All this is aimed at ensuring customer comfort and professionalism during cosmetic procedures.

A cosmetic table is a portable piece of furniture that plays an important role as a helper to keep tools and accessories in order and efficiently accessible during cosmetic procedures. It is an indispensable piece of equipment in beauty salons, since many cosmetic procedures are carried out on folding chairs or special chairs, where there is not enough space to place preparations, tools and accessories.

At the BEAUTY DIRECT store, we offer a wide selection of cosmetic aids that can be adapted to the decor of the beauty salon and the available space in the salon, as well as to the individual needs of beauticians performing procedures. All of the products available in our store are ready for immediate shipment from our warehouses, allowing us to fulfill your orders quickly.

Perfect workspace organization with our cosmetic tables

Cosmetic tables are used in different types of salons, offices and rooms, such as beauty salons, manicure and pedicure rooms, make-up studios and places dedicated to specialized podiatric treatments. Different types of beauty aides serve different purposes and needs.

In some cases, beauty tables are placed in a fixed location without having to move them, so tables in the form of cabinets without wheels, made of heavier materials, can be an excellent choice. However, in situations where it is necessary to move the cosmetic table regularly to accommodate current needs, a better option may be to choose lighter tables made of plastic.

All cosmetic tables are generally characterized by a simple design, which makes them easy to keep clean. Their main function is to organize the workspace, so that the basic tools are always available, while at the same time not immediately conspicuous upon entering the office.

Podiatry table or spa table?

Podiatry tables with drawers are available in a variety of sizes to fit rooms of different sizes. They are often equipped with casters, making it easy to move them around and set them up in a convenient location. These tables are designed so that in addition to being able to store and organize tools, cosmetics and preparations, there is also space for essential pedicure equipment.

A special drawer for the UV-C sterilizer and a shelf for the milling machine allow you to store and keep all your pedicure equipment in one place. If the table is equipped with a special holder for a magnifying lamp or there is a possibility to attach a ring lamp to the top, the podiatry table on wheels can become a mobile pedicure station.

Wellness salons that specialize in treatments to improve the condition and health of their clients need the right furniture to ensure comfortable conditions when performing massages, firming treatments, skin moisturizing treatments or scrubs. Spa tables are also used in this type of establishment, acting as stylish furniture, creating a pleasant and harmonious background conducive to the relaxation of clients.

Wooden beauty tables are an excellent choice, but also tables made of glass and metal structures with modern shapes, which can perfectly fit into the design of spa offices. Tables equipped with shelves can be used to store towels and larger packages of cosmetics, while tables with drawers will help organize smaller accessories. In addition to shelves and drawers for storage, some spa helpers are also equipped with special stone heaters for warming stones.

In any beauty salon, hair salon, nail salon, eyelash salon, massage parlors or tattoo studios, comfortable and professional furniture is extremely important, as it facilitates daily work and organization of the workspace. At BEAUTY DIRECT Wholesale, you will find a wide range of furniture and accessories available off-the-shelf, which can be customized according to your needs. By choosing the right model, size, color and style, your order will be delivered within 1-2 business days.

Modern and minimalist tables and cabinets - also on wheels

Our cosmetic cabinets and tables on wheels are convenient and easy to move. With capacious shelves, bases and drawers, you can store various tools, accessories and materials necessary during work. The smooth surfaces of the shelves made of glass, metal or lacquered wood are easy to keep clean, and the raised edges prevent the contents from spilling onto the floor. We also offer combo cabinets with capacious drawers, special tables with an equipment stand, as well as podiatric cosmetic tables for the office. Thus, you can customize the equipment according to your individual needs and preferences.

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