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Pedicure footrests

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Both pedicure and other cosmetic or therapeutic treatments in a podiatry clinic require proper positioning of the client's legs. For this purpose, we recommend functional cosmetic footrests that facilitate access to every area of the foot. Our online store offers comfortable and wide pedicure footrests that ensure optimal comfort for clients during the treatment. Durable and easy-to-clean pedicure platforms are equipped with special upholstery, which allows for maintaining high hygiene standards at the workstation.

Pedicure Footrests: Comfort and Convenience in Your Salon

Pedicure footrests are an essential element of any professional beauty salon's equipment. They not only provide comfort to clients but also ensure ergonomic working conditions for specialists. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of professional pedicure footrests that meet the highest quality standards.

Diversity and Functionality - footrests for beauty salons

We offer cosmetic footrests tailored to various needs and preferences. Our footrests for beauty salons feature adjustable height, allowing them to be customized to the individual needs of each client. Adjustable pedicure footrests are the perfect solution for salons that value versatility and flexibility.

Comfort for Clients - Comfortable pedicure footrests

Comfortable pedicure footrests with soft padding provide exceptional comfort during treatments. Our ergonomic pedicure footrests are designed to support the natural position of the legs, significantly enhancing comfort for both the client and the specialist performing the treatment.

Portability and Stability - pedicure footrests on wheels and portable footrests

For salons that frequently change their furniture layout, we offer portable pedicure footrests. These lightweight yet stable footrests are easy to move, and their solid construction ensures safety and convenience. Pedicure footrests on wheels are an excellent solution for mobile beauty salons. Pedicure footrests with non-slip bases provide additional stability, which is crucial during precise treatments.

Ergonomic Solutions

For specialists who spend many hours performing treatments, we propose pedicure footrests with ergonomic handles. These functional elements help maintain proper posture, reducing fatigue and improving work efficiency.

In our offer, you will also find pedicure footrests in pedicure sets, providing a comprehensive solution for new beauty salons. Regardless of your needs, our lightweight pedicure footrests and pedicure footrests for podiatry clinics will ensure the highest standard of services and comfort for your clients.

In the BEAUTY DIRECT offer, you will also find specialized podiatry drills and practical dust collectors, useful during cosmetic treatments. We also offer a professional pedicure footrest for chairs and mobile pedicure footrests essential in podiatry clinics and nail styling salons.