Needles for epilation and vascular closure

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Ballet and Uni-Probe Needles for Epilation and Closing of Blood Capillaries - Precision and Efficiency in Your Office

Welcome to the "Ballet and Uni-Probe Needles for Epilation and Vascular Closure" category at BEAUTY DIRECT, where we specialize in providing the highest quality needles for electrolysis and vascular closure treatments. Our offer includes a wide range of needles from renowned brands Ballet and Uni-Probe, which are indispensable for professionals in the cosmetic industry.

Ballet needles: These are highly regarded by professionals for their precision, quality workmanship and effectiveness in permanent hair removal. Gold and steel Ballet needles are adapted to different skin types, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and irritation. They are ideal for gentle epilation treatments and the closure of fine blood vessels. Ballet needles are sharp-tipped needles. They come in stainless steel, gold-plated and isolated varieties

Uni-Probe needles: These needles are known for their versatility and performance in various cosmetic procedures. Uni-Probe offers both steel and other types of needles that are effective for permanent epilation and vascular closure. Their advanced design ensures comfort during the procedure, as well as high efficiency. Uni-probe needles are blunt-tipped needles.

At BEAUTY DIRECT, we understand that choosing the right needles is crucial to the success of cosmetic procedures. That's why our range has been carefully selected to provide you with the best products available on the market.

We invite you to take a look at our range of Ballet and Uni-Probe needles and choose the ones that will best meet your epilation and vascular closure needs. With our products, every treatment becomes more effective, precise and comfortable for the client.

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