Diamond nail drill bits

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The convenience and quality of a stylist's work depends not only on the nail drill machine itself, but also on the cutters selected for it. Among the most frequently chosen by professionals are diamond nail bits, which are widely used in nail treatments. In our offer you will find a large selection of cutters made of steel with a diamond finish from reputable manufacturers. Our assortment is designed for experienced stylists who want to complete the equipment of their beauty salon.

Available types of high quality diamond nail bits

Diamond nail bits can be of different thicknesses, which are marked by colors on the shank of the cutter. The black color is considered the hardest, used for hard masses. Slightly less durable, but also helpful for harder materials, are pink and green cutters. Among the softest are blue and red and yellow bits. The latter are mainly intended for developing the diabetic foot.

What are diamond nail drill bits used for?

The growing popularity of diamond nail drill bits for cuticles and nails comes primarily from their versatility. Although they are chosen practically as often as ceramic nail bits, diamond-finished cutters are distinguished by their high durability and allow efficient work even with troublesome cuticle keratoses. Diamond nail drill bits are also distinguished by the fact that they allow for accurate and quick removal of polish and shaping of the nail plate.

Due to the wide range of tip shapes, they can be used for many tasks related to manicure and pedicure, such as:

  • ball - working the cuticles of the nails and toenails; abrading corns;
  • teardrop - abrading corns, working on cuticles, working on the nail shaft, abrading calluses;
  • spike - cutter ideal for calloused nails and peri-nail thickening;
  • cone - will work especially well for removing hybrid, gel, acrylic;
  • cylinder - for removing gel, acrylic, hybrid, as well as for removing hardening from heels and shaping nail extensions.

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