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Professional hairdressing combs at BEAUTY DIRECT

Combs are key tools for every hairdresser and stylist. At our BEAUTY DIRECT store, we offer a variety of hair care and styling accessories. They are indispensable when cutting, combing, pinning hair and reliable in providing professional barber services.

Combs are the basic tools of every barber and stylist. Our BEAUTY DIRECT wholesaler offers various types of hair combing and styling instruments. They make it easier to cut, comb or pin up hair, and they are perfect for professional barber services.

Hair styling only with a professional hair comb

In our store, we offer a wide selection of hair styling tools, including versatile combs, which are essential for professional haircuts and color application. For example, we offer hair dye brushes with built-in combs, available in black and silver. We also have lightweight combs with a pick, ideal for styling hair and separating thin strands. Combs with wide teeth are great for teasing, spreading mousse and creating a variety of hairstyles.

In our wholesale store you will also find practical comb sets of different shapes and sizes. We offer models with a traditional handle, which make it easier to comb, pin up hair and evenly apply conditioner. Our assortment includes universal combs for cutting, styling waves, separating hair and layering hair. We also offer barber combs that perfectly follow the contours of the face, making beard styling easier for men.

Hair combs - interesting features

The choice of comb material is important not only for the durability of the tool, but also for its additional features to facilitate hair styling. For example, professional Carbon Antistatic combs from Toni&Guy with antistatic coating effectively prevent hair from becoming electrified. These lightweight, durable models are made from a blend of carbon fibers and tourmaline, which are known for their anti-static and ionizing properties. The material can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius and can be disinfected and cleaned frequently without risk of damage. Thanks to the release of negative ions, these combs give hair exceptional smoothness and shine.

When choosing combs, it is worth noting their ergonomic shapes and flexibility for comfortable use. Their heat resistance and ease of cleaning ensure that hygiene is maintained during each cutting or styling session. In addition, it is important that the comb is resistant to the chemicals used during hair coloring and styling. It's also a good idea to get tools that make it easier to thoroughly clean the teeth of the combs, which contributes to their longer life and effectiveness.

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