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Hairdressing footrests

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In a hair salon, hairdressing footrests are essential for providing comfort to clients. At BEAUTY DIRECT, you will find a wide selection of footrests in various shapes and colors that are not only functional but also stylish. Our products stand out for their stability and elegant design, perfectly fitting into any interior. We offer fast shipping and a 12-month warranty. Check out our offer and enhance the comfort of your clients.

Hairdressing footrests at BEAUTY DIRECT

Comfortable and stable footrests are an essential element in every hair salon, providing comfort to clients seated in the chair. Our BEAUTY DIRECT wholesale offers a variety of hairdressing footrests, available in many shapes and colors, which not only increase comfort but also stylishly present themselves in any interior. In addition to this, our offer includes various cosmetic products, accessories, and equipment necessary in hair salons, beauty salons, massage and tattoo parlors. We offer fast product availability and the possibility of shipping even on the day of placing the order. We give a 12-month warranty on purchased products. In our assortment, you will also find furniture, devices, tools, lighting, and other materials needed in daily work, not only in the beauty industry but also medical and veterinary.

Hairdressing footrest - stability of the figure and a comfortable position

Long-lasting hair styling requires not only skill and endurance on the part of the hairdresser, but also comfort for the client. Long sitting in one position can be tiring for the back, spine, and legs, which can start to go numb or hurt. In this situation, hairdressing footrests become an indispensable accessory. They help in maintaining the client's stable position during precise hairdressing treatments, such as cutting, shaving, or coloring.

Hairdressing footrests, available in our BEAUTY DIRECT wholesale, are not only functional support but also a stylish decorative element. We offer footrests in colors such as silver, gold, and INOX steel, available in different shapes, which look like modern designer accessories. They are a stable support on which clients can comfortably rest their feet, increasing comfort during hairdressing treatments. Our footrests perfectly fit into various interior styles, adding elegance to every salon.

Classic and modern hairdressing footrests from our offer

For salons furnished in a classic, elegant style, we suggest our gold hairdressing footrests. They have a characteristic, curved arch shape on two pillars, with a horizontal crossbar, which allows clients to comfortably rest their feet while sitting in the hairdressing chair. These impressive-looking footrests are perfect for interiors that value classic aesthetics.

Our silver, chrome footrests, on the other hand, are universal models that perfectly adapt to various types of interiors. We offer various forms, including hairdressing footrests in the shape of a pillar with a place for feet on both sides, as well as those on one, bent leg resembling an inverted letter V.

On the BEAUTY DIRECT website, you will also find products from the Italian brand Gabbiano, which offers high-quality furniture and equipment for beauty salons. Thanks to many years of experience in the beauty market and awareness of customer needs, Gabbiano products stand out for their functionality and attention to every detail. The modern styling of their products perfectly fits into contemporary interiors, creating a friendly atmosphere and comfort for clients using the services of salons.

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