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UV and Led Nail Lamps - wide selection of products in our store

When choosing gel nail lamps, it is crucial to pay attention to the type of light used in the device, its power, and its design, which allows comfortable use in different conditions, both for manicures and pedicures. Modern devices are equipped with features such as timers, motion sensors and emit white light that is gentle on the eyes.

At our cosmetic wholesaler BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer a wide range of advanced uv nail lamps that effectively cure gels, hybrid polish and other products used in nail design. Our range includes different types of lamps, including UV, LED, CCFL, as well as hybrid models such as dual lamps. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes to meet a variety of preferences and needs. All our products come with a 12-month warranty, and as an importer, distributor and manufacturer of many of them, we also provide professional service. We encourage you to explore our full range of products and find the perfect led lamps for your salon.

Nail uv lamps with the latest technologies

Using modern UV and LED light technologies, manufacturers have created nail uv lamps with additional features that make the work of nail stylists and beauticians easier. The latest lamp models ensure even curing of gels, hybrid polishes and other light-curing products, thanks to the use of dual LED technology. One of the models available in our wholesale store, SOFI 2, is equipped with a "Low Heat Mode" function, where the power of the lamp gradually increases every 30 seconds, minimizing the burning sensation when applying builder gels.

The uv lamps for nail also feature an electronic display that makes it easy to monitor the working time. In addition, a convenient handle on top of the lamp allows for easy portability. Our energy-efficient lamps emit white light that is gentle on the eyes - crucial when performing numerous treatments during the day. The lamps are also equipped with motion sensors that automatically trigger the device, and a built-in timer allows you to set the appropriate curing time for different stages of nail work.

Nail lamps in a variety of designs.

Nail lamps available in our offer come in a variety of attractive shapes to fit any type of interior. We offer both models with a classic rectangular shape reminiscent of a tunnel, and those with more modern, semicircular dome and irregular forms, which with their appearance are reminiscent of polished precious stones.

Our manicure lamps are characterized by reliability and efficiency, quickly and evenly curing materials such as gel and hybrid varnishes. Booth-type models, enclosed on three sides, provide increased efficiency, and also allow for the installation of more bulbs, further improving the efficiency of the device. At BEAUTY DIRECT you will find only efficient and powerful lamps that guarantee high efficiency and are ideal for both professional and home use. We invite you to take a look at our full range of products.

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