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Spa chairs - comfortable , stylish solution

Taking care of the health of the feet is an important issue, so pedicure treatments are carried out. For standard foot and nail care, you can make an appointment for a cosmetic pedicure at virtually any beauty salon. However, when more serious foot problems arise, such as ingrown toenails or corns, clients often seek out specialists - podiatrists. They are the ones who can diagnose and eliminate the causes of the ailment and assess whether the treatment can be carried out without a medical consultation.

To ensure that a pedicure salon or podiatrist's workplace is properly equipped, it is necessary to discern modern equipment and furniture dedicated to beauty salons. The BEAUTY DIRECT store offers a wide selection of comfortable spa chairs that will not only facilitate the work of the pedicurist, but also provide relaxation for clients. Some of these spa chairs have practical drawers hidden under the seat, where a bowl or portable pedicure paddling pool can be placed. Other models are designed to provide ample space on a small rise where the shower tray can be placed.

Comfortable time in the beauty salon | Spa chairs

A visit to the beauty salon is not only a moment of care and beautification, but also an opportunity to get away from the daily rush and relax. Exceptionally soft and comfortable spa pedicure chairs play a key role in providing customers with a pleasant experience. The specially contoured seats and backs of these chairs allow salon guests to feel relaxed from the first moments after taking a seat. Thanks to the shape of the chair, you can comfortably straighten your spine and sit in the most comfortable position. Placing your head on the bolster reduces tension in the neck area, and the armrests allow you to relax your hands. Under such conditions, pedicure treatment becomes pure pleasure.

Creation of the most comfortable conditions takes on particular importance in podiatry offices, where people often come to suffer from pain or discomfort associated with specific ailments. In such situations, soaking the feet in warm water and gently massaging the chair can help clients relax and prepare for treatment, relieving stress and tension.

Spa chairs and relaxing massage function

Spa chairs should be comfortable for all clients, creating a pleasant atmosphere from the moment they take a seat. Popular models of these chairs often come with a foot massage function, and some also have a built-in full-body massage option. Some of the more advanced versions of the spa chairs even include a USB port, allowing clients to charge their tablet or phone while getting a pedicure. Creating a friendly atmosphere during the treatment promotes good communication, which is important so that the pedicurist or podiatrist can respond effectively if problems or ailments arise during the procedure.

Spa chairs equipped with paddling pools with a foot massage function are very attractive to clients and make it easier for those performing the treatment, as they properly prepare the skin of the feet for further specialized podiatric activities. Consider buying a chair with a drain pump installed in the shower tray, which significantly reduces the time to prepare the device for the next client and relieves the staff.

Spa chairs and hygiene in your beauty studio

In any beauty salon, the highest standards of cleanliness must be observed. This means that all tools must be thoroughly sanitized, as must the surfaces of furniture with which the client comes into contact. It is also essential to disinfect the spa pedicure chair and the equipment used during the treatment after each use, including the remote control for adjusting the chair and activating the massage. Spa Chairs designed for pedicure salons are usually made of materials that are easy to clean and resistant to contact with various substances. Their upholstery is made of high-quality materials that are pleasant to the touch, which contributes to the client's comfort. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use special seat covers, which not only protect the furniture from dirt, but also help maintain a higher level of hygiene and minimize the risk of disease transmission. The shower tray used during treatment also requires regular disinfection, although the use of disposable liners or film can greatly facilitate the maintenance of basic hygiene.

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