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The work of a professional hair stylist requires not only the right skills and experience, but also specialized hairdressing equipment and accessories. The key tool in this work is a hair clipper - without it it is difficult to imagine customer satisfaction. In our store you will find a wide selection of hair clippers, equipped with powerful motors, ergonomic handles and a variety of modes, with blades of different widths to meet all needs.

Professional hair clippers are designed not to overheat even after many hours of use. They make it possible to cut hair quickly and precisely, and allow you to create fashionable hairstyles at home. They are distinguished by high quality workmanship, ensuring speed, reliability and precision and control of the cut.

In our offer you will find professional hair clippers, often equipped with additional accessories, such as caps for adjusting the length of the cut and the necessary tools for cleaning and maintenance, which increases the functionality and prolongs the life of the device.

Trimmers, or beard clippers

Trimmers, or specialized beard clippers, are an indispensable tool for every man and professional barber. They enable easy and fast beard shaping, allowing precise trimming of beard shapes and lines. Thanks to the wide range of available attachments, getting the perfect beard length is easy and convenient.

Beard clippers provide comfortable use, both at home and in a professional barbershop. They are lightweight, easy to use and reliable. The quick-change blade system, power options and the use of the latest technology meet the requirements of even the most demanding professionals. Electric beard clippers guarantee excellent visual results, making it possible to achieve a perfectly trimmed beard and mustache.

Professional hairdressing razors for clippers is a product for years

In our offer you will find only the highest quality hair and beard clippers, but it is important to carefully choose a model that meets your individual needs and preferences. It is important that the hairdressing razor is selected in terms of power supply, taking into account the working conditions - both battery and corded razors have their advantages and disadvantages.

Blades are also key. Razors with a width of 30-45 mm provide comfortable clippers and precise cuts. The ability to adjust the length of the cut, available on many models with adjustable caps or interchangeable combs, increases the functionality of the device. Good hair clippers allow cutting both very close to the scalp and at a greater length, which is especially important in a hair salon. Professional hair clippers for stylists are usually made of durable titanium or plastic body, which guarantees their longevity. Devices for professionals have stainless steel, durable blades, often further reinforced with titanium or carbon coating, which is a significant advantage.

The power of a hairdressing razor is crucial - the higher the power, the better and more versatile the device, which can cope with different types of hair. Quiet operation of the razor is also important, especially in salons frequented by children. The waterproof design allows the device to be easily cleaned under running water.

Professional clippers are often equipped with an LED light indicating the state of battery charge, making it easier to schedule work. Additional features, such as a built-in trimmer, reduce the number of tools needed. A charging station, often included in the set, guarantees safe charging of the device. In addition, the presence of non-slip rubber on the handle ensures a firm grip, preventing the razor from slipping out of your hand during work.

Hair clippers - corded and cordless

The choice of hair clippers should take into account the type of power supply of the device. Classic corded models are often chosen for home use due to their lower price and lack of need to remember to charge. However, in professional hair salons, corded razors are increasingly rare, mainly due to the limitations of a tangled cord. Nevertheless, it is worth having such a model on hand in case a cordless razor suddenly runs out of power.

Corded razors can be effectively replaced by rechargeable devices, which provide greater mobility and comfort. Cordless clippers can run for several hours without interruption, and information on running and charging times is usually available in the product specifications. Their mobility allows for easy movement and accurate clipping.

When choosing a razor, it is worth paying attention to the type of battery. Hairdressers' devices are often equipped with lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries, which, despite their higher price compared to nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, offer higher capacity with smaller size, making them more portable.

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