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Curling irons and wavers for hair- create original styling

Many women with straight hair dream of stunning, shiny waves, which are often difficult to achieve without professional tools. Our online store offers a wide range of high-quality professional hair curlers and wavers that allow you to create curls and waves quickly and efficiently, both in the salon and at home.

A professional curling iron is not only a stylish design and convenience of use, but most importantly, it is safe for your hair and guarantees a beautiful appearance. In our offer you will find the best ceramic and tourmaline models, equipped with numerous intelligent functions that will satisfy even the most demanding stylists. The decision to buy a new curling iron should be well thought out, taking into account its size, shape and additional features that affect the quality and final result of styling.

If you are not sure what features a professional curling iron should have, we invite you to continue reading. We will suggest what parameters are key to ensure effective work for many years. We invite you to take a look at our offer.

Hair curlers and wavers - types, coatings and power

A hair curling iron is a versatile tool that allows you to achieve a variety of styling effects. In our offer you will find curling irons with diameters from 13 to 40 mm, allowing you to create both small curls and impressive Hollywood waves.

Classic hair wavers with a cylinder-shaped tip are available in different sizes, allowing you to curl strands of different thicknesses. Tapered models, which taper to the tip, allow you to create curls that are larger at the root and smaller at the ends, which is ideal for women with long hair.

Spiral curling irons for hair salons have a specially designed wavy tip, which facilitates precise styling. For added convenience, we recommend automatic curling irons that independently wind strands onto a roller, making styling much faster and easier. Feel free to browse our assortment to find the perfect tool for creating the hairstyles of your dreams.

In a hair salon, a powerful curling iron with a wattage of more than 61 watts is crucial for quick heating and efficient work. For home use, devices of 31-60 watts will suffice, although they may heat up more slowly.

Wave irons with ceramic tips are ideal for any hair type. Ceramic tips distribute heat evenly, minimizing the risk of hair damage and eliminating the feeling of roughness. The pure ceramic material generates moist heat, which makes it easy to style even hard to style hair.

Titanium-coated curling irons are extremely durable and are recommended especially for use in professional salons. They are durable and serve for a long time.

For those struggling with frizzy hair, the best choice would be a curling iron with an ionization function, often equipped with a tourmaline coating or a mechanism that produces negative ions. Tourmaline, which is a composition of crystals, neutralizes positive ions responsible for electrifying hair. In addition, it produces infrared light, which penetrates deep into the hair through the scales, helping to maintain the healthy appearance of the hair. Take a look at our range to find the perfect device for your salon needs or home use.

Useful features of hair curlers

Classic and rotary curling irons should offer an adjustable temperature function, allowing you to adjust the device to the condition of your hair. Natural hair can be styled at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius, while damaged hair requires lower temperatures.

The metal support is a practical addition, ensuring safety when putting the device down while working. Protective gloves are another safety feature for increased use.

Our hair waving devices are equipped with ergonomic handles with non-slip and thermo-protective coating, increasing safety and comfort in styling. The rotating cable makes it much easier to work with the curling iron, and its appropriate length should be adapted to the conditions of use - at home cables of 1,5-1,8 meters are sufficient, while in a hair salon longer cables will be practical.

Take a look at our offer to find the perfect device to suit your needs and requirements.

Professional and home appliances - hair straighteners with curling irons

For lovers of varied hairstyles, we offer hair straighteners and curling irons that allow you to create a variety of hairstyles. These are devices with a special design, equipped with heating plates made of materials such as ceramic, tourmaline, titanium or a combination thereof. The rounded shape of these devices allows you to easily create waves or straighten unruly strands.

However, if a straightener and curling iron does not meet all your needs, we recommend multifunctional devices with interchangeable attachments. With them you can straighten or wave your hair depending on the moment and need. Multifunctional curling irons are often equipped with different attachments, such as spiral, flat, triangular, small or large diameter, and even crimpers. Take a look at our assortment to find the device that best meets your hair styling needs.

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