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We offer water distillation devices that effectively disinfect and prepare water for use. They are ideal for medical practices, dental offices and beauty salons. The distillers available at the BEAUTY DIRECT store vary in capacity and distillation efficiency, allowing everyone to select a model to suit individual requirements. However, these devices are not the only method of preparing the workplace for serving customers and patients.

Water distillation - what it consists of

Water sterilization is a method of eliminating all microorganisms, including those in an active state and spore form, which are potentially dangerous to human health. Water distillation, on the other hand, removes from water not only impurities, but also minerals and various chemical compounds. This process requires boiling water to a vapor state and then condensing it by cooling it, resulting in pure water ready for use. In a laboratory environment, specialized apparatuses are used for this, but modern technology makes it possible to create home appliances that distill water efficiently.

BEAUTY DIRECT Wholesale offers water distillers that are an excellent solution for medical facilities and beauty salons, providing reliable access to the distilled water needed to operate autoclaves, dental units or other equipment used in medical procedures.

Water distiller - principle of operation

Water distillation is a well-known and widely used purification method that is effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses. During this process, water entering the device is heated to boiling, which causes its transformation into steam. This steam, diverted to a cooler, is cleaned of any impurities and condensed as it cools, resulting in pure distilled water.

Our product range includes easy-to-use water distillers, which are equipped with cooling systems using air and do not require connection to external water sources. With several-liter tanks for raw water and separate containers for distilled water, users can enjoy continuous access to distilled water. These compact units fit perfectly into even limited spaces without taking up much space. Their distillation capacity and speed can be adjusted to suit the user's specific requirements and the nature of the services or products provided. Distillers and demineralizers are also useful in homes for preparing water for irons or air humidifying devices.

What to consider when buying a water distiller

When choosing water distillers, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the materials used in the production of the various components of the device and whether it is equipped with a system of protection against excessive heating. Also important is the durability of the construction and the size of the entire equipment. The capacity of the distiller, defined as the amount of water distilled per hour, is one of the most important technical parameters. Lafomed brand equipment available in our offer can distill about one liter of water per hour.

Our range includes not only water distillers and demineralizers, but also redistillers, which are designed to purify water even more thoroughly by distilling it twice. They are indispensable in laboratories where water of the highest possible purity, meeting strict standards, is required.

Beauty Direct is a store that offers water distillers from Lafomed, a manufacturer that specializes in creating sterilization and disinfection equipment. The products available in the store comply with the strict quality standards and medical directives that apply to the sector.

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