Sealing machines for sterilization sleeves

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How to use sterilization sleeve sealers?

The assortment of Beauty Direct store offers cosmetic and medical sealers from Lafomed, a company specializing in the production of sterilization equipment. These devices are ideal for both medical facilities and beauty salons.

After washing and disinfecting the instruments, they are placed in special sterilization sleeves. Our sleeve sealers make it possible to close them tightly at the desired length, which allows you to adjust the size of the sleeve to the size of the equipment to be sterilized. This solution is convenient for both smaller instruments and those with unusual shapes. We offer sterilization sleeves in a variety of widths, with an overlap option for larger instrument packages, or without an overlap for smaller sets.

Functions of sterilization package sealers

Sterilization package sealers are a key tool in the process of preparing instruments in paper-foil packages, which is one of the most effective methods of sterilization in autoclaves. These devices allow instruments to remain sterile for up to six months. They feature special blades for fast and accurate cutting, and their modern models are distinguished by intuitive operation, thanks to advanced display panels.

These modern sealing machines are an excellent solution not only for beauty and podiatry offices, tattoo studios, but also for medical offices, including dental offices. Their precise operation in the process of joining packages for sterilization guarantees asepticity, which is essential when cleaning instruments at high temperatures. Therefore, these sealers are irreplaceable in the sterilization process.

Sterilization is essential for instruments that may come into contact with blood or other secretions during medical or cosmetic procedures, as well as for newly purchased instruments, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Sterilization sleeve sealer - what to look for when choosing one

When choosing the right sealer, it is important to adapt it to personal needs, the type of services performed and their frequency. Our store offers devices that are characterized, among other things, by infinitely adjustable sealing temperature, which ensures a wide and tight seal with a width of several millimeters, which is crucial for effective sterilization of instruments.

We offer both medical and cosmetic sealing machines of various sizes, which allows them to fit the size of the available space in the office. There are compact models, ideal for smaller spaces, as well as larger units, which are more economical for extended use and ensure uninterrupted operation for long hours. For professional sterilization rooms, we recommend advanced sealers equipped with printers that generate special reports documenting the sterilization process. A key advantage of our sealers is also the speed of heating, which is closely related to the power of the device.

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Sealing machines for sterilization sleeves

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