Abrasive caps

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The role of the abrasive cap

Abrasive caps  are very useful accessories when styling nails, removing calluses, calloused skin and corns. They are indispensable in both manicure and pedicure treatments, especially in hard-to-reach areas. To use a hood, mount it on a rubber carrier and start working.

Hoods, available in our offer, have many uses. They are very hygienic, as they can be easily replaced after each client, eliminating the need for cleaning. After use, the caps can be safely disposed of. A variety of sets are available, from single pieces to larger quantities, allowing you to customize the quantity to suit your individual needs. The caps are also safe to use and ensure precise work results.

Nail caps of only the highest quality

The products we sell in this category can also be referred to as manicure caps. Depending on our preference, it is necessary to choose the right type of hood to perform the selected treatment. In the case of manicure procedures, for which abrasive caps can be used, a distinction is made between sawing and smoothing gel or acrylic mass, as well as shortening the nail plate. Many nail stylists are finding out how useful an accessory abrasive caps are.

Among the many advantages of the caps available in our offer is the fact that they allow comfortable work, while at the same time not sprinkling during abrasion. This definitely increases the comfort of performing the procedure. Caps are available in many different variants in both diameter and gradation, so you can easily choose the most suitable product for you. They allow both dry and wet work.

Pedicure - only with abrasive caps

Pedicure abrasive caps are an indispensable accessory when performing a variety of pedicure procedures that require more force or precision. Abrasive pedicure hoods can make it much easier to perform these procedures, as they allow you to perform tasks with less effort and greater precision.

The most popular use of pedicure abrasive caps is to remove calluses and smooth the skin on the feet. Different types of caps are available with different diameters and gradations, allowing you to choose the right product for a specific activity. Hoods with a smaller diameter are suitable for precise tasks, while coarse or medium-grained hoods are effective for tougher skin.

That's why it's a good idea to have heel caps as a useful tool when performing pedicure procedures.

Abrasive caps - only from BEAUTY DIRECT

The nail abrasive caps available in our offer have many advantages that you should take advantage of. One of them is their attractive price, especially if you buy larger packages, which allows you to save money. In addition, we offer hoods from reputable manufacturers, such as EXO and our native brand BEAUTY DIRECT, which guarantees the highest quality.

Our abrasive caps are available in a variety of colors, such as white, green, brown, brick red and pink. We offer both soft cap and hard cap core caps, which combine a composite cap with a cosmetic alumina mound. This gives our customers a wide range of choices to match the caps to their needs and preferences. These products are highly appreciated by our customers, and their high quality is guaranteed. We warmly encourage you to take advantage of our offer of abrasive caps

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