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Professional rubber and polishing cutters at BEAUTY DIRECT

Rubber cutters and nail polishing cutters are tools used in the beauty and nail design industry for a variety of nail care and decorating purposes. Here is some information about them:

  • Rubber cutters: Rubber cutters are typically used to smooth the surface of natural nails and to remove bumps, keratinized skin and excess cuticles. They are softer than metal cutters, making them suitable for work on natural nails. Rubber cutters can also help prepare the nail surface before applying hybrid or gel polish.
  • Polishing cutters: pol ishing cutters are designed for finishing and polishing nails. They are used after completing other manicure steps to give your nails a shiny look. Polishing cutters allow you to achieve a smooth and shiny nail surface, which is especially important in cosmetic treatments. Different types of polishing cutters are available, depending on the degree of polishing you want to achieve.

Both rubber cutters and polishing cutters are available in different shapes and sizes to meet different nail care needs. Before using these tools, it is important to read the instructions for use and follow precautions to avoid damaging your nails or cuticles.

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