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Nail drill bits are an indispensable item used by nail stylists who work with nail drills. Various types of cutters can be found on sale, and some of the most popular are ceramic drills, which are used for manicures and pedicures. The products available in our store are professional tools, designed for manicurists looking for high-quality items for their salon. Our drill bits are distinguished by exceptional durability and design, which has been adapted to provide the stylist with the greatest possible comfort. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment and choose the best quality ceramic nail bits.

High quality ceramic nail drill bits for beauty salons

Among other things, our wholesale distributes professional equipment for beauty salons. We are committed to ensuring that every stylist has easy access to products that will enable her to work precisely, comfortably and safely. Ceramic nail drill bits available in our offer, are made of zirconium oxide. This inorganic chemical compound is a very durable material, showing high resistance to external factors.

Ceramic cutters are marked with colored stripes. The black color indicates a cutter with a very strong sputtering, which will work well for working on the hardest materials. There are also pink and green cutters for harder cuticles. Blue and red cutters are products with a softer sputtering, and the yellow color refers to products with a very fine sputtering, which will work mainly for polishing tiles.

Thanks to the original notch system of ceramic nail drill bits, the stylist is able to work both left and right. The right-hand rotation ensures accurate cutting of the nail plate, while the left-hand rotation makes it easier to grind and close it. This action means that when using ceramic cutters, there is no need to use additional polishers.

Will ceramic drills be suitable for cuticles?

Depending on their shape and size, ceramic drills for cuticles are a popular choice for stylists. These types of tools also show great effectiveness in removing gel, hybrid and acrylic.

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