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Adequate lighting is crucial to the comfort of beauty salons. Even in rooms with large windows, where natural light is abundant, additional lamps are essential. It is worth remembering that lighting in a beauty salon not only facilitates the performance of treatments, but also creates the atmosphere and affects the mood of both clients and staff. Lamps, in addition to their practical role, can also be an attractive decorative element.

For most cosmetic procedures, proper lighting of the workspace is required. In beauty salons, the recommended light intensity is a minimum of 500 lux, and areas where treatments are carried out should be additionally illuminated with specialized lamps. On desks or tables where nail treatments are performed, dedicated cosmetic lamps are essential.

We encourage you to take a look at our offer at BEAUTY DIRECT, where you will find a wide selection of lamps tailored to the needs of beauty salons. Our specialized lamp models will not only facilitate the performance of treatments, but can also be an elegant addition to the interior. Provide yourself and your clients with the best conditions for care and relaxation by choosing our professional cosmetic lamps.

Manicure desk lamps

Professional cosmetic desk lamps, available at BEAUTY DIRECT, are an invaluable tool when performing nail treatments. With their adjustable light function, these lamps allow you to adjust the intensity of the light to suit the conditions in your office. The lamps' flexible arms allow you to position them in an optimal way to perfectly illuminate the treatment area.

The use of folding arms increases the lamp's reach, which is especially useful for pedicure treatments where it is necessary to illuminate areas beyond the direct reach of the desk. Movable lamp heads allow you to easily change the angle of the light, which is important to ensure the best possible illumination.

In our store you will find various models of lamps - both those with a vise that can be screwed to the table, as well as standing manicure desk lamps. Lamps screwed to the desk are an excellent solution when the area of the manicure table is limited and it is important that the lighting takes up as little space as possible.

We encourage you to check out our range of cosmetic desk lamps, which are not only functional, but can also be a stylish addition to any beauty salon. At BEAUTY DIRECT, we make sure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and ergonomics, providing professionals with the best conditions for work.

Cosmetic desk lamps - shadowless

Shadeless cosmetic desk lamps are a significant improvement for the comfort of work in beauty salons. Their main advantage is shadowless illumination, which minimizes shadows of the hand and tools during treatments, without obscuring the field of work. In addition, the diffused light of these lamps is friendly to the eyes, reducing their fatigue and reducing the effect of glare.

A high-quality shadowless cosmetic desk lamp is a guarantee of better working comfort. These types of lamps, available in both stand-up and desk-mounted versions, are ideal for places that require intense lighting, such as cosmetic, veterinary, dental, dermatological or prosthetic labs. They effectively eliminate shadows and prevent glare. Equipped with LEDs with adjustable light intensity, they allow you to adjust the lighting to the needs of a specific procedure. The flexible arms and long canopy of these lamps allow precise and even illumination of a large area.

At BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer modern cosmetic desk lamps that stand out not only in functionality, but also in design and color. Our fashionable slim models are available in many color variants, so that the chosen lamp can also be an attractive decorative element of the office. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the lamp that will best complement the decor of your workspace.

Lamps for mobile beauticians

Beauticians who perform manicure treatments at clients' homes also need functional lamps. BEAUTY DIRECT offers folding cosmetic desk lamps that, when folded, reach a compact size comparable to a smartphone, making them easy to transport. These portable lamps are powered by micro USB and can run on a battery for up to 4 hours for great mobility. All parts of these lamps are movable, allowing perfect lighting positioning, similar to that of a professional beauty salon.

Desk mount cosmetic lamps are ideal for manicure offices. Their design, combined with powerful LED light, provides excellent working comfort. At BEAUTY DIRECT we offer a wide range of lamps of this type, which not only effectively illuminate the workplace, but also look great. They are a unique combination of functionality, modern design, energy efficiency and versatility of use, offered at attractive prices. We invite you to order online and choose the perfect cosmetic desk lamp from our offer, which will meet all your expectations and needs.

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