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Beauty chairs

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The category Beauty Chairs includes a wide selection of beauty salon chairs, which are an essential part of the equipment of any beauty salon. The range includes models with adjustment features, providing comfort for both the client and the specialist. Beauty Chairs are available in various designs and colors, allowing for a perfect match with the salon decor. All products are equipped with an adjustment function, and many of them have separate footrests and armrests, allowing for comfortable treatment in both sitting and lying positions. The beauty salon chairs in our offer are covered with eco-leather, which makes it easy to keep the furniture clean.

Beauty chair - only from BEAUTY DIRECT

During the performance of cosmetic procedures, appropriate accessories are necessary, and a special beauty chair is a standard part of the equipment of most beauty salons. This type of furniture provides comfort to both the patient and the specialist, allowing for flexible adjustment of the body position. This allows beauticians to perform various cosmetic treatments in a comfortable, safe and hygienic way.

A beauty chair with adjustment is an excellent choice primarily for beauty salons that value functionality. Such a chair can be fully unfolded, allowing it to be transformed into a couch. This means that there is no need to invest in separate furniture to offer treatments performed in a lying position. This is not only a space saving, but also a saving of resources needed to equip the salon.

Beauty chairs - types

Our offer includes high-quality beauty chairs available in various variants. They differ, among other things, in the mechanisms used. In modern beauty salons, electric models, which allow the chair to be raised and lowered using a special remote control, are very popular. This is a great convenience for specialists, especially when it is necessary to change the patient's position during the treatment. We also offer classic chairs with manual adjustment.

Our beauty salon chairs are available in various colors, including universal ones, which can be matched to the decor of a particular salon. Nowadays, customers pay attention not only to the quality of services, but also to the aesthetics of the space in which these services are provided. Therefore, we offer chairs in colors such as white, beige or gray, which will perfectly fit into the decor of various salons. Additionally, disposable pads are often used on beauty chairs, which allows to maintain an appropriate level of hygiene without the need for frequent disinfection.

Beauty salon chair and its functionality

Beauty chairs with adjustment are the perfect choice for those who value furniture functionality in beauty salons. All products in our assortment are equipped with this function. Additionally, many of these chairs have separate footrests and armrests, which allows for comfortable treatment both in a sitting and lying position. The versatility of these chairs allows for the provision of various services on one piece of furniture, which is particularly beneficial in small beauty salons where space is limited.

We recommend beauty chair models covered with leather upholstery, which makes it easy to keep the furniture clean. These chairs often undergo disinfection, which is necessary to remove microorganisms and prepare the equipment for the next customer. The materials used for the upholstery of our products are resistant to moisture and cleaning agents, which helps to maintain the color and durability of the furniture. Therefore, our beauty chairs are an economical choice for demanding beauty salon owners.

Beauty chairs - help during treatments

A beauty chair plays a significant role in positioning the client in the correct position during various treatments. This is particularly important when applying masks, which can slide off when the client is sitting. Thanks to the chair, the patient can relax, which is extremely important in the case of long-lasting treatments lasting several dozen minutes.

These chairs are also an excellent choice during pedicure and nail painting on the feet. Many available models have adjustable footrests, which allow the client to sit comfortably and the specialist to have free access to the feet without the need for excessive bending. Some beauty salon chairs with adjustment are equipped with a single footrest for both legs, while others have two footrests, allowing the lifting of a selected limb.

Beauty chairs are used not only in beauty salons, but also in wellness centers and some medical offices, such as podiatry offices. These are extremely functional and comfortable pieces of furniture, allowing for comfortable lying even during long-lasting treatments. Some of these chairs can also be used during massage, as they can be fully unfolded, creating a couch position.

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