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A professional hair salon consists of several key factors: experienced and specialized hairdressers, an excellent location, modern interior design and top quality hairdressing equipment.

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Starting from the most basic hairdressing equipment, such as hair razors and hair dryers, through equipment such as curling irons, crimpers, shavers, to specialized equipment - air conditioners and infrazones - all of these should be present in our hair salon.

Each device is used at a different stage of hairstyle work. Razors and shavers do the basic job - shortening the length of the hair. Curling irons, crimpers and dryers model the shape of the hairstyle.

Infrazones are devices that significantly reduce the time for hair care and chemical treatments, such as coloring, bleaching or perming. An indispensable device in any reputable salon is also a clipper, which has versatile applications, just like an infrazone, including perming, coloring, blow drying, straightening and bleaching hair .

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