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Blomdahl jewelry at Beauty Direct - earrings with zero nickel content

All metals, even precious ones such as gold, silver and platinum, can contain trace amounts of nickel, which poses a problem for people with allergies to the metal. For this reason, Blomdahl Medical has developed a special line of ear piercing earrings and hypoallergenic jewelry made of medical-grade plastic, which does not contain nickel. This rules out the possibility of an allergic reaction to nickel.

Medical plastic earrings are especially recommended for children and adults who want to be absolutely sure that they will not develop a nickel allergy while their pierced ears are healing. This is important for both health and comfort reasons, as allergic reactions can be painful and unpleasant. Choosing jewelry made of medical plastic is therefore a safe and healthy alternative for people sensitive to nickel.

Blomdahl jewelry - the solution to all allergies

About 10% of the population suffers from an allergy to gold, so dermatologists often advise against using gold products for ear piercing, as well as wearing gold earrings during the initial healing period. In response to this need, Blomdahl has developed an innovative solution - Gold Titanium. In this case, the visible part of the earring is covered with gold, but the part in direct contact with the skin is made of pure medical titanium. This technology is also used in the silver-coated earrings - Silver Titanium.

In addition, Blomdahl offers earrings completely made of pure medical titanium - Natural Titanium. This solution is fully medically safe and is ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies to other metals, including gold. Thus, even people who are allergic to gold can enjoy elegant jewelry without worrying about allergic reactions.

Hypoallergenic earrings - what distinguishes Blomdahl jewelry from ordinary jewelry?

Blomdahl earrings differ from traditional earrings in several key aspects:

  1. Skin Friendly Materials: They are made of medical grade plastic or pure medical grade titanium, minimizing the risk of allergies.
  2. Lightweight and Small Size: The medical plastic earrings are much lighter than those made of stainless steel, weighing only 1/5 of their weight, which is beneficial for a fresh puncture wound.
  3. Specially Planned Stopper (Butterfly): Located at the end of the earring's shank, allowing better air access to the wound, speeding up healing.
  4. Skin Protection Behind the Ear: A plastic plug protects the skin behind the ear from being cut by the tip of the earring.
  5. Greater Stem Thickness: Ear piercing earrings are thicker than regular ear piercing earrings, preventing damage to the pierced hole when changing jewelry after the healing period.
  6. Availability in Different Lengths: Available in two lengths to accommodate the thickness of the earlobe, avoiding painful ingrowth of the earring.
  7. Sterile Packaging: Both the earring and the plug are housed in a sterile cassette, eliminating the risk of accidental contact with the client's hands or ear.
  8. Thoughtful Cassette Design: Allows easy grasping of the earlobe, making the method quick and less painful.
  9. Maximum Protection in Customer Contact: Blomdahl provides maximum protection during close contact with the customer during the piercing procedure.

These features make Blomdahl piercings unique and adaptable to the needs of people with sensitive skin and those who want a safe and hygienic method of ear piercing.

Summary of the features of hypoallergenic jewelry using Blomdahl Medical as an example

Blomdahl jewelry is specially designed not to cause nickel allergies. This is made possible by using nickel-free surgical plastic and Pure Medical Titanium. Pure medical titanium contains 10,000 times less nickel than the limit set by the latest European Union directive and 1,000 times less than surgical steel. This makes Blomdahl jewelry safe even for people prone to nickel allergies.

Blomdahl hypoallergenic earrings are recommended for people who want to be sure that wearing jewelry will not trigger a nickel allergy. They are also ideal for people who already suffer from allergies to nickel, gold or other metals and cannot wear standard jewelry because of pain, itching and other allergic reactions.

Blomdahl offers jewelry that combines original style and elegance. Exclusive designs, adorned with pearls and Swarovski crystals, add charm and are ideal for any woman looking for sophisticated jewelry that is also safe for the skin.

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