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Hairdressing capes - wide selection only at BEAUTY DIRECT

Hairdressing capes are an indispensable piece of equipment for any hair salon, providing protection for the customer's clothes from dirt and cut hair during a haircut or styling. At our cosmetic wholesaler BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer hairdressing capes made of high-quality, specially selected fabrics, which are characterized by a slippery surface. As a result, hair does not adhere to the fabric and easily falls off it.

Such a solution guarantees comfort for both customers and hairdressers. The capes are easy to keep clean, which is especially important in the hairdressing industry, where hygiene and professionalism come first. Thanks to the use of suitable materials, these capes are also durable and long-lasting, making them a practical and economical choice for hairdressing salons. Take a look at our range of hairdressing capes at BEAUTY DIRECT to ensure your salon has the highest quality equipment.

Our BEAUTY DIRECT online wholesaler offers a wide selection of hairdressing capes, available in a variety of styles. Customers can choose between shorter models, ideal for quick haircuts, and longer, mid-calf-length models, providing full protection during more complex hair treatments. Our cloaks for haircuts are equipped with convenient metal pins, making them easy to put on and take off, and are available in a variety of colors.

Take a look at our full range of hairdressing capes and other protective clothing items at our wholesale store. We also offer a wide range of equipment, accessories and products necessary for daily work in hair salons, barbers and hair stylists.

We guarantee fast shipment of orders, often as early as the day the order is placed, and we provide a 12-month warranty on all purchased products. Our offer has been carefully selected to meet the expectations of even the most demanding professionals in the hairdressing industry.

Stylish and functional printed hairdressing capes

Modern manufacturers of hairdressing capes go to the expectations of salons, offering products that not only fulfill their practical functions, but are also a decorative element. At BEAUTY DIRECT, we offer a wide range of designer hairdressing capes that can emphasize the character and style of the salon interior.

For salons that focus on elegance and impeccable cleanliness, bright white capes that add a sense of order and hygiene will be ideal. For those who prefer a more artistic approach, we offer cloaks with floral motifs and shading, which are not only practical, but also provide a beautiful decorative element.

Dark cloaks with white or yellow prints depicting hairdressing accessories are a great choice for both modern and classic salons. Such designs combine functionality and aesthetics, adding a unique character to the interior.

A heather-colored hairdressing cape decorated with modern graphics is sure to attract attention and appeal to clients and staff. Such designs add modernity and freshness to the salon. For salons looking for more daring designs, we also offer capes with the motif of the United States flag, which are unique and sure to make any salon stand out.

We encourage you to browse our full range of barber capes at BEAUTY DIRECT to find the ones that best fit the style and character of your salon.

Barber cloaks from our offer

At our online wholesaler BEAUTY DIRECT, we understand the specific needs of barbershops, which often have a masculine vibe and styling. We offer barbershop capes that fit perfectly into this trend, with motifs and designs that suit male preferences.

We offer capes with an American flag motif, which are an excellent choice for barber salons, highlighting their American style. In addition, we have an assortment of dark barbershop capes with "Barbershop Shaves & Haircuts" and skull prints, associated with men's games and movies. The skull with an attractive haircut is also available on capes in black and white and black and red.

For those who prefer a more humorous and softer approach, we offer dark "Barber Shop" capes with funny graphics. And for salons with a more colorful interior, we recommend capes in blue and white with stripes and an image of an elegant man.

In addition to capes, at BEAUTY DIRECT you will also find a wide selection of other accessories and tools necessary for the work of barbers and hairdressers. Our online store offers attractive prices and a wide assortment. Retail prices can be seen on the site next to product descriptions, and wholesale prices are available after registering in our store.

We invite you to visit our website and make purchases to equip your barbershop with stylish and practical accessories.

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