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The Acupressure Mats category in our BEAUTY DIRECT online store offers a wide range of products that help in relieving pain and improving circulation. Our offer includes various needle mats, specialized abdominal mats, anti-cellulite mats, and back mats. All our acupressure mats are made of natural materials, such as linen, buckwheat husks, or coconut bases. They are tailored to the individual needs of the customer and his health condition. By choosing our acupressure mat, you gain an effective tool to fight pain and improve well-being.

Acupressure mats are extremely effective tools that help in relieving pain. They significantly contribute to reducing various ailments and positively affect areas such as the spine, neck and nape. They are used both at home and in professional rehabilitation offices and biological regeneration centers. These mats promote better circulation, reduce pain, relax tense muscles and increase their blood supply.

In the BEAUTY DIRECT online store, we offer a rich assortment of acupressure products, including various needle mats, specialist belly mats, anti-cellulite mats and back mats. Our offer also includes an acupressure mat with spikes, which we particularly recommend to athletes, drivers, and people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

Which acupressure mat to choose

Before you decide to purchase in our online store, it is worth looking at the variety of available acupressure mats. At first glance, they may seem similar, differing only in color or size, but in reality, they have unique properties. We offer, for example, long mats, which specialize in pressing specific parts of the body, contributing to better muscle blood supply. Large spike mats also stimulate the release of endorphins, which improves mood and relieves pain.

There is also a long acupressure mat with reduced sharpness spikes, made of plastic, ideal for people of all ages and different body builds. Thanks to different sizes and colors, everyone can find a mat perfectly suited to their preferences and needs.

Our acupressure mats are available both with and without a pillow, and are made of natural materials such as flax, buckwheat husks, or coconut pads. They are adapted to the individual needs of the client and his health condition. Meanwhile, needle acupressure mats, made of medical rubber, have bluntly sharpened spikes, which are used in massage parlors and beauty salons. Different spacings between the needles allow adjusting the mat to the client's body structure, skin sensitivity and the required intensity of action on the pains of specific body parts.

Acupressure mat - application

Health mat for acupressure works on the principle of a Chinese massage method, known as acupressure. This method is based on pressing specific points on the body using needles and spikes, which is supposed to bring relief in pain. Acupressure is appreciated for its safety and non-invasiveness, and foot massage and other parts of the body can bring immediate effects in the form of pain relief and long-term health benefits for the entire body.

Acupressure mats, like pillows, are equipped with spikes, which, pressed by the weight of the body, act on painful places, bringing relief. These spikes are not sharp, so there is no risk of piercing the skin, and they are also safe and do not cause irritation or allergies. Using spikes evenly distributed over the entire surface of the mat provides optimal pressure, which can bring relief from pain after just a few minutes. This pressure helps to relax the muscles, improves blood circulation in the skin and relieves tension.

The acupressure mat is particularly effective in case of general fatigue, migraines, morning neck stiffness, back pain, degenerative changes, joint pain and inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system. The pressure exerted by the spiked mat stimulates the circulatory, immune and nervous systems, which translates into improved well-being and pain reduction. Acupressure can also help fight cellulite and improve tissue and cell oxygenation. After therapy, the body becomes relaxed and rested, which facilitates the fight against insomnia and sleep problems.

Acupressure mat - how to use it correctly and effectively

Before using the acupressure mat, it is important to be aware of the contraindications. People with acute viral or bacterial infections, pregnant women, people after a heart attack, with cancer, as well as those with skin diseases such as fungus, should avoid using this method. To start using the mat, it is recommended to take a few deep breaths, which help to relax the body. At the beginning of using the acupressure mat, some discomfort may appear, which over time gives way to a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Combining acupressure with aromatherapy can bring additional relaxation benefits.

It is recommended to use the mat for 15 to 30 minutes a day, which ensures the best results. If the feeling caused by the mat is too intense, you can cover it with a thin towel to reduce the pressure of the spikes. When choosing an acupressure mat, it is worth considering its purpose. For whole-body therapy, a mat with a pillow will be suitable, especially for people suffering from neck or head pain. Meanwhile, the mini version, equipped with at least 1000 spikes, is ideal for foot therapy.

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