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Cosmetic couches - a stylish and functional choice

Cosmetic recliners, which are comfortable and functional, are indispensable equipment in beauty salons, spas, aesthetic medicine offices and massage studios. These pieces of furniture, electrically controlled and adjustable, provide comfortable working conditions for attendants, while offering comfort to clients during the treatment. Modern design and high-quality materials guarantee both attractive appearance and durability of the recliners. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer available at our cosmetic wholesaler BEAUTY DIRECT. All our products have the required certificates and markings and come with a 12-month warranty.

Comfortable time in the beauty salon

Durable, functional and at the same time comfortable equipment is a key part of the equipment of a beauty salon, massage salon or spa. We suggest the AZZURRO KRYSTAL cosmetic couch, which allows you to perform a variety of cosmetic treatments and massages. Thanks to the electric control, you can easily adjust the settings of the couch, providing comfort to both the client and the person performing the treatment. An additional advantage is the ability to program and memorize specific settings.

Another option is the AZZURRO 815B model, which is very popular among cosmetic recliners. It comes in white and is equipped with wide-range electric height adjustment and backrest adjustment by remote control, allowing you to go from horizontal to almost vertical position. Under the backrest there is a practical drawer for handy accessories. The couch has a comfortable, thick mattress and a very stable construction. Its upholstery is made of high-quality eco-leather, and an additional advantage is the LED backlight of various shades, which is located in the lower part of the recliner.

Variety of functions going with modern design

Ordering cosmetic furniture with innovative features is an excellent way to attract customers to use the salon's services. Our proposal includes cosmetic recliners with facial openings, full adjustment in a wide range and a comfortable, heated mattress that provides unparalleled comfort during massage and beauty treatments. In addition, we offer recliners equipped with a water mattress, which further promotes relaxation and relaxation.

For massage, cosmetic treatments and physiotherapy sessions, we offer recliners on wheels that are easy to move around the salon. For professionals working at the client's home, we offer folding massage tables with a sturdy wood frame and lightweight aluminum legs. These tables are adjustable in height and easy to transport in convenient bags.

To ensure the utmost comfort during the provision of services, we recommend a couch model with automatic adjustment of settings, adjusting in all planes, choosing the most comfortable position. The interior of the couch contains an aromadiffuser, which provides relaxing fragrances. In addition, there is an installed radio with speakers, a USB port and colorful LED illumination. A heated mattress guarantees extraordinary comfort during the treatment. Our recliners are available in a variety of colors. Please visit, where you will find a wide selection of equipment for beauty salon, spa and massage studio.

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