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Pedicure basins, podiatry assistants

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Pedicure is a versatile foot treatment that includes care and therapy. Cosmetic pedicure focuses on aesthetics, while medical pedicure requires specialized qualifications. Key accessories include pedicure basins, podiatry assistants, and other tools that enhance comfort and work efficiency. In our wholesale store, you will find everything necessary for a professional pedicure, from basins to convenient transportation solutions.

Although a pedicure is most commonly associated with simple nail painting, in reality, it is a versatile foot treatment aimed at both care and healing. Cosmetic pedicure focuses on care and aesthetic treatments such as the application of moisturizing products or nourishing masks to the skin of the feet, as well as trimming and painting nails. This type of treatment can be performed in most beauty salons.

Essential Accessories for Pedicure

During pedicure treatments, various accessories are indispensable. These include pedicure basins, stands, and professional pedicure helpers, which are available in versions with drawers, cabinets, and seats. These tools not only facilitate the work but also ensure comfort for both specialists and clients.

Specialized Medical Pedicure Treatments

Medical pedicure is less frequently performed in beauty salons as it requires specialized qualifications. When changes appear on the feet that require more advanced treatments than standard care, podiatrists step in. They can assess whether a podiatric treatment can be performed without the need for medical consultation.

Professional Tools in Clinics

Both in podiatric and beauty clinics, devices and tools that facilitate the work of pedicurists are essential. Portable professional foot soaking basins are crucial for preparing feet for treatments. Additionally, functional podiatric helpers on wheels, which are easy to move and equipped with upholstered seats, significantly improve work comfort.

In our cosmetic wholesale store, you will find both podiatric basins, pedicure stands, and pedicure helpers that will increase the efficiency and comfort of work in your clinic.


Professional Pedicure Basins: An Essential Tool in a Beauty Clinic

A professional pedicure basin is an indispensable tool used for soaking feet and softening the skin before treatment. To fulfill its function in a beauty clinic, the basin must be adapted to the available space and provide comfort for both clients and specialists performing podiatric treatments. Fortunately, at BEAUTY DIRECT, there are various models of portable pedicure basins that can easily be adapted to the needs of the clinic. We also offer spare parts and accessories such as disposable liners or pedicure plastic bags, pedicure pads, trolleys to facilitate basin transport, and spacious combo cabinets on wheels.

Pedicure Basins: Mobile and Stationary

Pedicure basins are available in mobile and stationary versions, with or without wheels. Some models are equipped with adjustable height and foot massage functions, which further enhance the comfort of the treatment. Mobile podiatric basins with a trolley on wheels are an excellent solution, allowing easy movement of even heavier basins with a massage function. When choosing a basin, it is worth paying attention to its weight, especially if the device will be frequently transported, for example, during home treatments for clients. Lightweight plastic basins are then the most practical choice, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

In our assortment, you will find everything necessary for a professional pedicure, from **pedicure basins** and accessories to convenient transport solutions that facilitate daily work in beauty and podiatric clinics. All this, as always, at a fantastic price-quality ratio.

Podiatric Helpers - How to Choose the Right Model

Podiatric helpers significantly facilitate daily work in beauty salons and podiatric clinics. The name "helper" perfectly reflects the function of these pieces of furniture – shelves or cabinets with drawers – used to store essential tools and accessories. These helpers are invaluable in organizing space, allowing easy transport of the entire set of tools and positioning them in an optimal place where all necessary items will always be at hand. Models on wheels are particularly practical, enabling the storage and transport of larger devices effortlessly.

Our online store offers a wide selection of functional in various versions, which will be perfect for daily work in beauty salons and podiatric clinics. These helpers are equipped with drawers, open or closed shelves, as well as platforms and countertops where tools and preparations used during treatments can be conveniently placed.

The helpers available in our store are designed with maximum functionality and ease of use in mind. Thanks to various configurations, every specialist can find the right model that perfectly fits their needs, ensuring easy access to all necessary accessories. By choosing our helpers, you gain not only practical solutions but also aesthetic and durable furniture that will elevate the standard of your clinic.