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Our ear piercing kits are an excellent choice for first-time ear piercers. They offer a pain-free piercing experience with complete comfort and safety.

As a leader in the medical jewelry industry, Blomdahl is synonymous with quality and trust. When you choose our kits, you are choosing a product from a reputable brand that is recommended by professionals and users around the world.

Blomdahl Brand Simultaneous Ear Piercing Kits-Revolutionary Comfort and Safety in One Kit

An Innovative Solution for Symmetrical Piercing-Our ear piercing sets for piercing both ears simultaneously from Blomdahl are a breakthrough in the field of medical jewelry. They make the piercing process faster, more comfortable and symmetrical, which is key to achieving the perfect result.

Safety and Hygiene First- Each kit is designed with the highest standards of hygiene and safety in mind. Sterile packaging and disposable applicators ensure that the piercing is completely safe and free from the risk of infection.

Made of Biocompatible Materials: We use only materials that are skin-friendly and safe even for people with allergies. Blomdahl sets include earrings made of pure medical titanium or medical plastic, which are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.

EASY TOUSE: The piercing kits are designed with ease of use in mind, making them ideal for professionals. Precise step-by-step instructions help you perform the procedure correctly.

Variety of Styles and Shapes: We offer a wide range of styles and designs so that there is something for everyone. From delicate and subtle to more striking and modern, our collection provides a variety of choices.

Browse Our Offer: Browse our full range of Blomdahl branded sets for piercing both ears at the same time. Choose the perfect set for yourself or for a gift and enjoy beauty without compromise! Order now at BEAUTY DIRECT

Professional Training and Support: We realize that getting your ears pierced is an important step. That's why we not only offer the highest quality products, but also professional training and support. Our specialists are always ready to help and advise to ensure the best experience.

Commitment to Sustainability: At Blomdahl, we care not only about the quality of our products, but also about the environment. Our piercing kits are manufactured with sustainability in mind, which means managing resources responsibly and minimizing environmental impact.

State-of-the-art Technologies for Excellent Results: Using the latest technologies and innovations, Blomdahl is constantly improving its piercing kits to ensure the highest precision and comfort. So you can be sure you're using products that are at the forefront of the industry.

Beauty and Health in Harmony: At Blomdahl, we believe that beauty should not compromise with health. Our ear piercing kits are the perfect example of combining aesthetics with health concerns, allowing everyone to enjoy beautiful piercings without worrying about allergies or irritation.

Welcome to the Blomdahl World: Discover our full range of ear piercing kits and join the ranks of satisfied customers around the world. Choose Blomdahl and feel the difference in your approach to beauty and health.

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