Props and assistants for tattoo studios

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A professional tattoo parlor should be equipped not only with tattoo chairs and stools, but also with special tattoo assistants, such as assistors, to make work in the parlor more comfortable. Tattoo assistants are mobile workstations that contain shelves and bins to store the necessary equipment. Such pieces of equipment a tattooist likes to have on hand for easy access to the required accessories. In our store, we offer high-quality beauty aids that will work well in a professional salon. We invite all tattoo artists to take a look at our offer.

How to choose an assistant for your tattoo studio?

Tattoo assistants are functional devices that can serve both a practical and decorative function. They are mobile stations with shelves, made of metal and powder-coated. Such additions to the arrangement will affect the visual perception of the room, and at the same time help fully equip the tattoo parlor with the necessary products. What are such cosmetic assistants? Assistants are equipped with shelves, drawers or bins that can store the tools and accessories needed in the tattoo artist's work. This way, the tattoo artist can have everything he needs on hand and carry the necessary equipment to any location.

When choosing a tattoo assistant, pay attention first of all to its stability. The furniture should be relatively lightweight so that it can be transported freely from place to place. It is also worth looking at the amount of usable space the product offers. In our store you will find a wide selection of tattoo assistants. Among other things, we offer assistants with shelves alone, with drawers or smaller tool bins. It is up to you which model you choose and how it will help you in your work.

Tattoo assistants - essential equipment for your salon

Getting a tattoo is quite a long process that requires a lot of focus. Constantly going out and searching for the tools needed at a given moment could disrupt the tattoo artist's concentration and affect the length of time it takes to complete the whole thing. Using an assistant, the artist can set it next to a stool, i.e. his workspace, and conveniently reach for the item needed at the moment. Take a look at our offer and choose practical assistants and tattoo armrests. With such tattoo studio equipment, every tattooist will be able to count on comfort and fully focus on work.

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