Pigments for permanent makeup - everything you need to know about them

Pigments for permanent makeup - everything you need to know about them

Permanent makeup pigments - everything you need to know about them

Several criteria need to be met for permanent eyebrow makeup to guarantee the desired results. These include the skill of the linergist, high-quality equipment and good pigments. It is essential that they not only give the desired aesthetic effect, but are also safe for health. Today we suggest how to choose the best pigment for permanent eyebrow makeup.

Permanent makeup - a modern way to enhance beauty

In the simplest explanation, permanent makeup involves the application of a dye under the surface of the epidermis using a needle. This procedure can be compared to applying a tattoo. However, micropigmentation is performed much shallower. This unique technique is now used to highlight not only the eyebrows, but also the lips and even the lash line. Permanent makeup is growing in popularity, which means that salons offering this service are currently experiencing a real boom. Being able to boast experience, prestigious courses and preparations of the highest quality, a specialist in permanent eyebrow makeup - that is, a linergist - does not have to worry about an influx of clients. Permanent eyebrow makeup is especially popular continuously.

Dyes for permanent eyebrow makeup - types and composition

Dyesfor permanent ey ebrow makeup can be divided into organic, which are produced based on atomic chains of carbon, and inorganic, which are obtained from rocks, minerals or by laboratory synthesis. Their characteristics include slightly muted hues and a matte finish. Inorganic pigments also last longer than organic ones. Both types of pigments find uses for each other - for example, in the case of permanent lip makeup, most clients expect a soft effect, which organic pigments will provide. Inorganic pigments, on the other hand, are the ideal choice for eyebrow makeup. What else can we find in the composition of pigments for permanent makeup? They contain water, glycerin, plant extracts, preservatives, carrier alcohols, binders, among others. It should be noted that approved permanent makeup dyes are completely safe for health.

How is permanent eyebrow makeup performed?

The permanent makeup procedure proceeds in several steps:

  1. Consultation: Before the procedure, there is a consultation with a professional who assesses the shape of the face, skin and hair color, and the client's preferences for the shape and style of the eyebrows.
  2. Preparation: The area around the eyebrows is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Pigment selection: the linergist, together with the client, selects the appropriate pigment color that will be most compatible with the client's natural hair and skin color.
  4. Shape drawing: Using special pencils or markers, the shape of the eyebrows is drawn on the skin. The client has the option to accept or change this shape before the procedure begins.
  5. Pigment insertion: Using a device with a needle, the pigment is inserted under the skin. The professional carefully fills the designated area of skin with pigment to achieve the desired shape and color of the eyebrows.
  6. Fixation: A short rest period is usually required after the procedure to give the skin a chance to heal. Depending on the instructions of the specialist, the client may be required to repeat the procedure after a few weeks to enhance the color and permanence of the makeup.

Pigments for permanent makeup: which ones to choose?

It's not hard to guess that the choice of permanent pigments is now enormous. There are already several leaders in this category on the market - these include ART PMU Pigments and Bioevolution Qline Pro. Bioevolution Qline Pro is a series of unique pigments for permanent makeup, which has been recognized for its incredible durability. The range includes pigments for eyebrow makeup, but also for lip makeup - an extremely rich color palette allows to meet the expectations of very diverse customers. Specialists appreciate these certified permanent makeup dyes also for their ease of use. Bioevolution Qline Pro products are often juxtaposed with equally iconic ART PMU pigments. It's worth noting that Bioevolution Qline Pro pigments are far more associated with gentle and safe formulations, as well as extreme longevity of effect. Both brands offer wide color palettes, but studying the opinions of professionals, the Bioevolution Qline Pro brand falls far more often than ART PMU pigments. Of course, the final choice should depend on your preferences and desired effects. At Beauty Direct you will find a huge selection of Bioevolution Qline Pro pigments, which enjoy fantastic reviews from the cosmetic world. You will purchase approved pigments from us at attractive prices.

Good pigments for permanent makeup: a guarantee of a lasting effect

Choosing the right pigments for permanent eyebrow makeup is an important component of a fantastic effect that will satisfy your client. Take a look at our range of professional pigments, which get particularly good reviews. With the right pigments, your services will significantly gain in quality!


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