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Purpose of the individual picks
Diamond milling cutters
The cutter is made of special, hard, well-hardened stainless steel. Working with a diamond cutter requires finishing by smoothing the nail plate with a polisher.


removal of hybrid varnish, gel or acrylic,
Cuticle removal and nail grinding (conical and ball nose cutter)
cleaning the nail from underneath,
removal of calloused nail shafts (small cone and fissure cutter)
Removal of calluses from the soles
Shallowing of splits (ball nose)
Carbide burrs
Cutters made of carbide (sintered carbide) designed for manicure treatments, i.e. removing cuticles at the nail shaft, matting, removing and working on the mass on the nail. Very durable and hard. Thanks to the transverse grooves, they grind the surface very quickly without heating it. Designed for dry and wet work.


working on corns, working on cuticles of fingernails and toenails (ball, teardrop)
working on nail shaft, trimming thick calloused toenails (teardrop)
for keratinized nails, thickening around the nail on both hands and feet, heel cleaning (pointed)
for removing and working on gel and acrylic (cone)
for removing gel, acrylic or hybrid varnish, shaping nail extensions, removing hardening in heels (cylinder)
Ceramic cutters
Mainly used for removing gel and acrylic mass and removing cuticles. Ceramic cutter is made of zirconium oxide - resistant to any cracks and mechanical damage. The size of the teeth ensures safe and gentle removal of the mass from the nail, without the risk of irritation.


corns, processing of cuticles of hands and feet nails (ball);
for calloused nails, peri-nail thickening, both on hands and feet, heel cleaning treatments (spike);
For removing and working on gel and acrylic;
for removing gel, acrylic or hybrid varnish (cone, cylinder);
shaping of nail extensions, removal of hardening in heels (cylinder).
Stone cutters
Stone cutters are used in podiatry, manicure and pedicure. It is made of processed stone (aluminum oxide) of medium granularity. The stone cutter can be used wet or dry. For maximum performance and safety, attach the stone cutter as far into the center of the milling machine as possible.


dulling of nails prior to application/application of plastic clamps for ingrown nails,
working on the cuticle near the nail and working on the nail shaft,
shortening of the nails,
grinding and smoothing of the skin,
dulling of the natural nail plate, tips, gel or acrylic.
Polishing cutters
Polishers are used to polish both natural and artificial nails. They are indispensable in professional manicures and pedicures conducted with a milling machine. Polishing cutters are designed to polish and polish the nail plate to achieve a smooth and shiny surface.

Abrasive pads and caps
The abrasive caps are placed on the carrier. Such disposable abrasive caps or caps, depending on the gradation, can be used for acrylic and gel processing, matting the nail plate and removing keratinized epidermis during pedicure treatments.

When choosing overlays and caps look for universal sizes as they can have different diameters. Each cap is disposable, while the carrier can be used multiple times. Keep in mind that the larger the carrier, the slower the speed of rotation.

How to care for cutters?
To enjoy the very good condition of the cutters you bought for a long time, you need to take care of them and follow the rules of disinfection and sterilization. Please remember to

the appropriate sterilization or disinfection process should be adjusted to the tool,
The soaking time of instruments in disinfectant solutions must be observed,
Use appropriate cleaning agents and disinfectants with the right concentration,
Do not sterilize wet, undried instruments at high temperatures,
adjust the time and temperature of the sterilization process accordingly,
do not use tap water for steam autoclave, watch over water purity in the autoclave,
store instruments properly.


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