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Which nail milling machine to choose?

Which nail milling machine to choose?

Nail styling is one of the most popular services in beauty salons. However, the application of hybrids or gels is not only the painting and curing itself, but a number of other activities for which professional articles, including milling machines, are necessary. Which to choose and what to pay special attention to? Take a look at the following post.

For what purpose is a nail milling machine used?

Until a decade or so ago, not everyone knew what a nail milling machine was, and if they had encountered one, they associated it mainly with developing feet, that is, removing calluses from the heels and beyond, in a much faster way than hand pumice stones and grinders make possible. Meanwhile, a professional nail milling machine is one of the basic tools for working with nails. Thanks to it, you can streamline the manicure process, mat the plate, bring the cuticles to the desired state, or remove unwanted styling.

So how to remove a hybrid with the help of a milling machine? Start by inserting the appropriate cutter, which will act as an automatic file, and then proceed to set the direction, as well as the power of the device. The next step is to apply the cutter to the nail - and make precise movements across the plate, which will result in the quick removal of the old style. A nail grinder not only saves a considerable amount of time, but, by the way, is definitely safer than the acetones once used, which weakened and even destroyed the natural plate.

What should be kept in mind before buying a nail cutter?

When planning to buy a device, it is worth knowing that professional nail milling machines differ from those designed for home use. First of all, you need to pay attention to the power - a cosmetic milling machine for personal use can have a power of up to 35 watts such as the sprint 48 white basic milling machine, while when it comes to a device for the salon, a better idea will be one with more than 40 watts - for example, marathon champion white or saeshin strong

Another important consideration is the RPM, which affects the speed of operation. The more they are per minute, the more efficiently the device will work, but the key here is the ability to adjust, which will allow you to adapt to the situation and current needs. Some milling machines are additionally equipped with the ability to change the direction of rotation, which is an added plus.

When choosing a milling machine, it's also a good idea to look at the head, which should allow for convenient replacement of cutters, and if you intend to carry it - also the dimensions and weight. It is also good to take into account the loudness of the device's operation, or additional features, such as a system for removing the dust generated during operation, which can boast, for example, a podiatric milling machine with an absorber.

What are the types of cutters and when to use them?

To use a milling machine, it is necessary to get nail cutters. Which ones, and what are they used for?

  • Polishers - perfect for polishing the plate, making it appear aesthetically pleasing and shiny;
  • diamond bits - with different shapes, which will help eliminate dead skin and prepare the nails for further stages of styling;
  • steel bits - ideal for shaping the shape of gel and acrylic nails, but also work with hybrids;
  • ceramic bits - usually in the form of cones, which are great for smoothing gel or removing calluses on the feet;
  • sandstone bits - often found in the form of a ball, so they perfectly reach every spot and conveniently remove any thickening in the area of the nail shaft.

For nail work, in addition to cutters, abrasive pads called caps are also used, which are applied to cutter-like carriers. They are available in different diameters and gradations. The smallest gradations, around 60, are designed for removing really severe calluses, while those at 120, indicating medium-grained material, will find use in smoothing the skin.

In addition to cutters, there are other accessories for milling machines, such as mechanical hoes, which are worth helping when pushing back cuticles, or acrylic stands, which are worth having, as they make work and access to all cutters easier. It is also worth remembering the drive in the form of a foot switch, so you can smoothly adjust the work of the cutter.

What kind of milling machine to start with?

There are many models on the market, so which nail cutter for beginners will work best? It all depends on individual needs, frequency of use, or even expectations and advanced skills. A worthwhile example is the JD700 milling machine, a device with a speed range that guarantees smooth operation, and at an attractive price for everyone.

If you don't know which nail milling machine to choose, to make it easier, for a start, you can always reach for ready-made sets with milling machines, which, in addition to the device itself, also include a set of cutters, or a lamp, so you have everything you need for nail styling.

Milling machines, as well as the necessary accessories for them of the highest quality, you will complete in the store. Visit the site, choose the articles for yourself, and manicure will never have secrets from you again.


JD700 nail drill machine in white colour

JD700 nail drill machine in white colour

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Saeshin Strong 210/105L 50W ORIGINAL manicure/pedicure/prosthetic milling machine Bargain

Saeshin Strong 210/105L 50W ORIGINAL manicure/pedicure/prosthetic milling machine

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Milling machine sprint 48 white basic

Milling machine sprint 48 white basic

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