Revolutionary cartridges for permanent makeup and mesotherapy

Revolutionary cartridges for permanent makeup and mesotherapy

The revolutionary SECURE permanent makeup cartridges represent a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic cosmetology, combining the latest technology with unprecedented precision. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, these cartridges allow to achieve excellent results in permanent makeup, ensuring that more pigment remains in the skin, which translates into durability and quality of the final result. What's more, treatments performed with SECURE cartridges are virtually painless, which is a significant advantage for clients.

In the following article you will learn about all types of innovative modules and the most important details about them.

Revolutionary SECURE permanent makeup and mesotherapy cartridges only at BEAUTY DIRECT

One of the most innovative features of SECURE cartridges is that they are manufactured in two versions: with acupuncture needles and with traditional needles. This unique approach gives specialists the ability to choose the tool best suited to a particular technique and client needs. The use of acupuncture needles in cartridges is a true innovation in the industry, allowing treatments to be performed with extreme precision while maintaining maximum safety.

The use of acupuncture needles in SECURE cartridges opens up new possibilities in the field of permanent makeup, allowing even the most complex and delicate designs to be carried out with complete precision. As a result, specialists can offer their clients treatments at the highest level, meeting their expectations for quality and aesthetics of permanent makeup.

Characteristics of acupuncture cartridges

Innovative acupuncture needle cartridges equipped with the PROTECT system represent a significant advance in the field of permanent makeup, offering the highest precision and ensuring exceptional standards of hygiene and safety of the procedure. Their advanced design contributes to minimizing client discomfort and reducing healing time.

The sharp and flexible acupuncture needle gently penetrates the skin without tugging or causing undue irritation. As a result, the procedure is gentler compared to traditional methods, which is especially important for permanent makeup, where precision and delicacy are key.

Minimizing bleeding during the procedure is another major advantage of these cartridges. As a result, more pigment remains in the skin, which translates into better durability and intensity of the final result. In addition, the reduction in bleeding makes the procedure virtually painless, which is a major convenience for clients.

The rapid healing process of the skin after the procedure is another important advantage of these cartridges. Reduced recovery time not only makes clients more comfortable, but also allows them to enjoy the final result faster.

In conclusion, acupuncture needle cartridges with the PROTECT system are an innovative solution that combines precision performance, safety, minimization of discomfort and speed of healing, providing an ideal tool for permanent makeup specialists wishing to offer the highest quality treatments to their clients.


-low-speed operation at 90 deg,

-short extension of the needle,

-stretched skin, gentle insertion

Needle blade: 1 micron (0.001mm), flexible needle

Characteristics of traditional cartridges

Cartridges with traditional needles, thanks to the use of rigid needles, are ideal for pigmenting both delicate and hard skin.

Appropriate needle hardness makes the insertion very precise, so we can minimize skin trauma and bleeding.

The needle's fast and firm entry into the skin means that we get an even, unbroken line of punctures. As a result of such solutions, more pigment is left in the skin, and the healing time after the procedure is significantly reduced. Traditional cartridges are, like acupuncture cartridges, equipped with the PROTECT system


- working in any rotation range at 90, 60 and 45 degrees angles

-short,medium long extension of the needle

Needle blade: 3 microns (0.003mm), rigid needle

Characteristics of cartridges for powder method

SECURE powder technique cartridges allow easier pigment pick-up and provide even better pigment flow while working. They facilitate longer swinging movements for the powder technique They feature greater visibility of the needle while working, making it possible to use delicate techniques with short needle advances.

Modules for the powder method come in both traditional and acupuncture versions

Characteristics of micro-needle mesotherapy cartridges

The innovative MESO BIOEVOLUTION cartridges equipped with six acupuncture needles with the PROTECT system represent a significant advance in the field of micro-needle mesotherapy. These advanced tools ensure the highest precision and guarantee a high level of hygiene and safety of the treatment.

A key aspect of these cartridges is the use of extremely sharp, flexible needles that gently penetrate the skin. This needle design minimizes the risk of skin tugging and excessive irritation, which is especially important for treatments on delicate areas of the face or other sensitive parts of the body.

One of the unique features of the needles used in MESO BIOEVOLUTION cartridges is their cylindrical blade shape. This specific design allows the insertions to be made so that blood vessels are not damaged. This is extremely important for people with sensitive vascular skin, in whom standard methods can lead to undesirable effects such as bruising or excessive redness.

These properties make micro-needle mesotherapy treatments performed with MESO BIOEVOLUTION cartridges more accessible to a wider range of patients, including those with sensitive skin. They ensure safe and effective delivery of active substances to the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in better therapeutic results.

In conclusion, MESO BIOEVOLUTION cartridges with acupuncture needles and the PROTECT system represent a new generation of tools in micro-needle mesotherapy, combining innovation, precision and safety, making them an ideal choice for professionals striving to provide their clients with the best possible treatment results.

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