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How to choose a cosmetic chair?

How to choose a cosmetic chair?

A cosmetic chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a beauty salon. If you want your salon to be functional, and the cosmetic furniture in it to be practical and comfortable, you need to pay attention to the selection of a good cosmetic chair. In this article we will try to make your choice easier.

Why is it important to choose the right cosmetic chair?

An armchair for a beauty salon primarily affects the comfort of the client and the beautician. By choosing ergonomic equipment, you have the chance to create the best possible working conditions for yourself, and at the same time your clients will appreciate the comfort you will offer them. Therefore, it is worth attaching great importance to the choice of a cosmetic chair, as it is one of the most essential elements of beauty salon equipment, which will be largely responsible for the first impression during the treatment.

A cosmetic chair with an adjusting mechanism improves working conditions and makes it easier to adjust the position of the client so that the beautician can do the job as easily as possible. It is important to remember that all cosmetic services require thoroughness, and often clients have to sit down. Therefore, providing them with the most comfortable seating possible is very important if you want them to come back to you and recommend your office to their friends.

What criteria should you follow when choosing a cosmetic chair?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a cosmetic chair? There are several parameters you should be aware of before you decide to buy.

Ergonomics and comfort

This is something we mentioned in the previous paragraph. One of the main tasks of a cosmetic chair, is to ensure comfort and ergonomics. So it's best to choose a cosmetic chair on wheels that can be easily moved from place to place to, for example, position it closer to a light source. The chair should also have a height adjustment function and the ability to adjust the tilt of the backrest or the position of the footrest and headrest to suit individual requirements.

Functionality and equipment

A good cosmetic chair should, first of all, be practical, and therefore provide the possibility to make adjustments, tailored to the requirements of the client and beautician. It is also worth checking the available equipment of a particular model, whether it has an additional headrest, armrests, and what are its additional functions.

Quality and durability

In a professional beauty salon, the equipment should be solid and durable. Therefore, when choosing a beauty salon chair, pay attention to the material it is made of and the stability of the structure.

Design and aesthetics

This is another element that will be important to many beauticians. The color and design of the chair should match the rest of the equipment in such a way that the whole creates a friendly interior with a pleasant atmosphere.

What are the types of cosmetic chairs?

On sale you will find several types of chairs that perform specific functions. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each type in order to know which cosmetic chair to choose.

Manual cosmetic chairs

This is the cheapest option. In this group you will find armchairs, all settings of which are made manually. The design of such furniture is usually quite light and easy to transport. With manual setting, the problem arises when you need to change the settings of the chair while performing a procedure, as this sometimes requires you to stop working. Manual chairs made of solid materials are comfortable, and their aesthetics do not differ from those of other types of chairs. A big plus is the low price. An interesting proposal for a manual cosmetic chair is the white folding chair a 270.

Hydraulic cosmetic chairs

Slightly higher-end furniture, equipped with pumps, allowing you to comfortably raise and lower the seat. They also often have a 360-degree rotation function. Hydraulic chairs are widely used in beauty salons, as they combine functionality with affordability. The slightly more expensive 234c chair in black may be of interest to professionals looking for practical salon equipment.

Electric cosmetic chairs

The most advanced option. Such models are equipped with electric motors, allowing quick and accurate adjustment. The settings are changed with a remote control, and some models also allow the connection of a foot controller, so that the beautician does not have to interrupt her work when she wants to change the setting of the furniture. If you are looking for a comfortable electric chair for your salon, pay attention to the lux pedi model.

How to take care of a cosmetic chair?

Wanting your purchase to last as long as possible in the best possible condition, you need to know how to take care of it. Care should be based on three pillars:

  • Cleaning and maintenance - the chair should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations. When using chemical products, you need to check that they are suitable for the materials from which the armchair is made. You need to remember to clean and disinfect after each treatment;
  • regular checks and repairs - cosmetic chairs, especially those with an electric mechanism, should be regularly checked for the operation of the mechanism, and any defects should be repaired as soon as possible;
  • use in accordance with the instructions.


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