Proceeding with the procedure

Remove metal parts, such as jewelry. Clean and disinfect the treated area. Choose the right needle for the procedure. In order to recognize the settings well and not to cause unpleasant impressions in the client, it is necessary to start with average values.

Closing blood vessels

In our climate, it is best to close blood vessels in autumn or spring. It is important that it is not too cold or too hot, because frost or heat cause fragile blood vessels to break faster.

We choose the needle according to the size of the vessel, the larger it is, the thicker the needle we can use. We usually close tiny, thin, shallowly located "spider veins" with a size 2 or 3 needle. Ballet needles with a sharp tip are the most convenient for closing the blood vessels. This ending of the needle makes it easier to penetrate the blood vessel. Uniprobe needles, with a blunt tip, are more convenient for hair removal. However, the procedure of closing blood vessels or removing hair can be performed correctly with both the Ballet needle and the Uniprobe needle.

The settings on the device should be selected according to the size of the vessel and the type of skin (its thickness) and the depth at which the vessel is located. The quickest and easiest way is to close small "spider veins", located shallowly. It is worth practicing closing them initially on such vessels. In order to close the blood vessels well, you need to gain skill, which comes from practice, i.e. closing the blood vessels, e.g. on yourself, preferably in a place that is not very visible, e.g. the inner side of the thighs, around the ankle (near the foot).

Very generally - the longer the time we want to choose, the smaller the current we should set - and vice versa - the higher the current we want to set, the shorter the time we should choose. Imaging, if we choose a long time and set a high current, we will most likely cause a burn within the needle.

With the appropriately selected time and current, after puncturing the vessel and "letting go" of the impulse (current) - with the naked eye we can see how the blood inside the vessel is "boiling" (coagulating) and, speaking pictorially, we can see how the vessel is glowing. The most popular types of vessels that customers receive are the so-called "spiders". We can close this type of blood vessels in at least several ways.

The most popular are: insertion from the outside (from the ends) or insertion in the middle of the "spider". You can also insert the needle several times, each time starting where you closed the vessel during the first or subsequent injection. If we want to insert ourselves once, we usually have to choose a longer time but a low current. If we insert several times, we can set a shorter time but a slightly higher current. If we choose too short a time and too low a current, the blood vessel will not close and slight bleeding may occur.

Before the treatment, the skin is disinfected with liquid, after the treatment, do not sunbathe until healing (7-14 days), do not use irritating cosmetics, peelings, etc. Do not apply ointments, etc. to the skin. Do not wear tight clothes in the treated area. treatment, including tight tights or knee-high socks/socks.

Focal erythema and swelling usually subside within a few hours after the procedure.

Hair removal:

We choose the needle size according to the thickness of the hair. The larger the hair, the thicker the needle we can use. In our climate, the most popular size is from 2-4. We insert the needle into the hair follicle at the angle at which the hair grows from the skin, preferably from the bottom of the hair. A needle properly inserted into the follicle canal does not cause pain, stinging or other unpleasant sensations, we insert it until we feel slight resistance, this means that we have reached the bulb, then we release the impulse/current. If inserting the needle hurts or stings, it means that we are inserting the needle next to the hair follicle.

We place a miniature needle-like probe through which current flows in the hair follicle up to the papilla. During this process, electricity is supplied to the nipple for a few seconds.

After the treatment, the needle is gently removed from the hair follicle and the hair is then easily and painlessly removed using tweezers. The electrical impulse causes permanent damage to the hair matrix, as a result of which the hair stops growing.

Focal erythema and swelling usually subside within a few hours after the procedure.

Types of Epilators produced by Biomak - click

Working methods used in Biomak epilators:





In cosmetics, Epilators are used for:

- removal of excessive hair

- closing of dilated blood vessels /telangiectasia/

- removal of ruby and stellate hemangiomas

- removal of warts (viral and flat)

- removal of soft fibromas

- removal of milia

THERMOLYSIS (EP101, EP200, EP300, EP400) - uses high-frequency alternating current. The flowing current creates a thermo-coagulation effect in the hair bulb, causing its destruction by cutting off the protein. Thermolysis allows you to remove thin and dye-free hair.

This method is also ideal for closing blood vessels, the flow of high-frequency current through the vessel coagulates it - it cuts the blood. The method is fast and very effective.

ELECTROLYSIS (EP200) - an effective epilation method using galvanic current, i.e. low-intensity direct current. The current introduced into the hair follicle produces caustic soda, which destroys hair reproductive cells. The treatment is performed with negative direct current, causing an alkaline chemical reaction that destroys the tissue of the hair bulb.

The advantage of electrolysis is the effective treatment of deformed hair follicles damaged by home depilation methods such as electric epilators, shavers and improperly performed waxing. It allows for permanent removal of any type of hair, regardless of its color and skin phototype.

BLEND METHOD (EP200) - galvanic current and high frequency current are used. As a result of this method, thermal and chemical damage to the hair bulb (matrix and papilla) occurs simultaneously.

The use of galvanic current makes the hair removal procedure less painful and aseptic, and there is no bleeding during the removal of blood vessels. The treatment time is slightly longer than with thermolysis. This method is the most effective, especially for thick and deformed hair.

COAGULATION (EP300, EP400) - electrocoagulation is a procedure that uses the properties of high-frequency electric current, which, flowing through appropriate electrodes, generates heat causing coagulation of tissue protein.

The electrocoagulation procedure is very safe, short and takes place without too much inconvenience or the need to limit professional duties. It is a non-invasive method and there is no bleeding during the procedure.


Contraindications to treatments:

- pacemaker

- metal parts in the body

- cancer and conditions after cancer treatment, epilepsy

- circulatory and coagulation disorders, unregulated diabetes

- bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections

- tendency to form keloids (hypertrophic scars)

- pregnancy

- rosacea, adolescent acne

- thyroid diseases


Factors causing the formation of dilated blood vessels:

- external (frost, wind, chlorinated water, sudden change in temperature, inadequate care, sunlight, artificial heat sources, physical exercise, spicy spices, stress, alcohol and stimulants)

- internal (hormonal disorders, genetic conditions).

The vascular electrocoagulation procedure is a seasonal procedure and is best performed in spring and autumn.


Epilator Coagulator EP 300

Epilator Coagulator EP 300

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BLEND EP 200 Epilator

BLEND EP 200 Epilator

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Epilator EP 103

Epilator EP 103

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Needle - Ballet needles for epilator

Needle - Ballet needles for epilator

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Needle - Uniprobe needles for epilator

Needle - Uniprobe needles for epilator

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Epilator Coagulator EP 400

Epilator Coagulator EP 400

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