Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum: The Secret to Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum: The Secret to Beautiful and Healthy Nails

Welcome to the world of beautiful and healthy nails! Today we want to introduce you to a revolutionary product in the nail care market - Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum. Known for its exceptional regenerative and nourishing properties, Arkada TC16 serum is becoming an indispensable part of the daily nail care routine for anyone who dreams of strong, healthy and beautiful nails.

What is Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum?

Arkada Collagen Serum TC16 is an innovative product containing a high concentration of collagen, which is a key ingredient for nail health and strength. Thanks to its unique formula, the serum not only strengthens and regenerates nails, but also improves their appearance, making them shinier and more resistant to damage.

Why choose Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum?

  1. Highly Effective: The serum contains collagen, which nourishes nails from the inside, giving them strength and elasticity.
  2. Regeneration and Reconstruction: Ideal for those with brittle, splitting nails and for those who want to accelerate nail growth.
  3. Versatility: Can be used on both natural nails and after manicure treatments.
  4. Safe to Use: The product is safe for the skin and does not cause irritation.
  5. Content of aseptic and antibacterial ingredients reduces inflammation
  6. Stimulates cells to produce ustroxy collagen
  7. Also excellent for scars, acne, burn wounds and any inflammation

How to use Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum?

Application of the serum is extremely simple and can be incorporated into your daily skin care routine. Apply a small amount of the serum to the nails and gently massage until it is completely absorbed. For best results, it is recommended to use the serum regularly (1-2 per day)

User reviews

Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum has received positive reviews and high ratings from users, who praise its effectiveness in improving the appearance and condition of nails. Many people emphasize the rapid improvement in the condition of nails after regular use.

With what to combine collagen serum for nail and skin regeneration Arkada TC16

All of Aarkada's home products work perfectly with the serum. These will be both- ointment for cracked foot skin, protective 08 oil and sugar scrubs or aarkada geranium scrub.

Aarkada podological salt and Myko+ supplement are also excellent additions

We also have most of Aarkada's manufacturer's products available as samples for purchase


Arkada TC16 Collagen Serum is a game-changing product in the world of nail care. With its unique nourishing and regenerating properties, it is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy healthy, strong and beautiful nails. It is also an excellent care agent thanks to its high collagen content and an excellent antiseptic - what more could you want?


Remember to always choose products tailored to your individual needs and consult any concerns with a professional. Take care of your nails and enjoy their beauty every day!


Arkada TC16 Collagen nail serum skin and nail regeneration 11ml

Arkada TC16 Collagen nail serum skin and nail regeneration 11ml

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Arcade - TTSept 250ML

Arcade - TTSept 250ML

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